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Birth Order Sucks!

So who does Mom love more, the 1st born son or the poor daughter below?

I’m still trying to figure out a creative way to tie this in to Starting an Online Business.

How would you associate this picture with online marketing or starting a business online?

More content to come on this post – stay tuned for updates – Comments Invited!

8 replies on “Birth Order Sucks!”

Mother bird is Google, the one getting the worm is the one that has done the work to get the top ranking and the daughter is the one that hasn’t done any research and just sits there hoping other people will do everything for her.

Great comments!

@Kirk that’s really funny, my wife will love that comment (she’s the 2nd of 6 and her brother is the “chosen one” (1st born)

@Linz receptionists have feelings too 🙂

@Devin true – it’s never too late to start a business and find great deals

@Carl going the extra mile is really what it takes to succeed in anything. I don’t want to be the one watching my competitor get fed or the one getting “crapped on” by big bird 🙂

@Jon Google Rules! To get to the top, you gotta work your butt off and never give up. The clients that just WAIT FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN go hungry – great comment!

Thanks for the great feedback! Updates coming soon…

it doesn’t matter which one was born first(built first), what matter’s is which one is doing the work and is earning the brownie points (page rank), the other one who has done nothing and wants to get out their by doing no real work them sell just wants it to happen, will never be seen buy the mother bird (google, yahoo)

Do whatever it takes to be the build the best website. Go the extra mile. If your customers view you to be the best, they will feed you, instead of landing on your head to feed your competition.

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