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Exclusive Interview – How Nate Moller Got Started in eCommerce

Prosper LearningI was interviewed recently on the Prosper eCommerce Blog by a colleague, Michael Stone, about starting my online business.

Prosper is the most trusted name in one to one personalized education. If it weren’t for my education at Prosper Learning, I would probably still be trying to sell copiers and printers, which is NOT what I want to do.

Here are some of the things that were covered:

What did you do before you got started in eCommerce?

– After college, worked in sales, originally door-to-door sales.

Why did you want to get started in eCommerce?

– Had some friends who had done the program and had seen results. I had never done anything online before beyond basic surfing. Wanted to know about options about how ecommerce worked. I worked at places that did not have an online presence.

How did you get started in eCommerce?

– Looked at things that he was interested in. Started with mentor. Brainstormed ideas of things that he was interested in “ hobbies, etc, including sports and clogging. Wrote down clogging as a possible interest….

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