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I’m SO MAD about Bluehost!

Yesterday I was on the phone with for over an hour and a half trying to get things cleared up with a couple sites.  I’ve been working with Bluehost for over 2 years and until about June of this year things seemed to be working fine.  However, in late June I started getting CPU errors multiple times per day.

One of the problems has been that I had a programmer build one of my sites who is now on a two year sebaticle.  He did some great things with my family vacation destination site but now those “great things” are out of date and really screwing things up.  I’m getting CPU errors over and over again, which is effecting business who knows how much.

What to do…?

I’ve submitted a project at for a programmer who can help but it’s been really hard to find one I trust or can communicate with.

I’ve thought about changing to a different hosting company but am not sure how to do that or which are most reliable.

Does anyone know anything about the following:

Thanks for the feedback – I’m so frustrated!

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I also started having problems with my website host since the end of June. I kept encountering errors that have taken up so much of my time and their time as well (host’s). The problems started, I believe after I upgraded to Firefox 3, which I did at your suggestion. I must have uninstall-reinstalled Firefox 3 over a dozen times and even tried to restore the system to pre-Firefox 3 era but failed to correct the problem. It was partly out of frustration with my host that I transferred my website files to wordpress, which I now have to transfer to blueshost to become more user-friendly and hopefully to work betttter with Amazon widgets. Now I am dreading that I may encounter problems as you have in the process. I was told that even though my browser was compatible with my former host’s program, our editors may be diferent so that everytime I made some changes to any of my pages, that page went blank which did not happen before I upgraded to Firefox 3.



I just created my website and I have it hosted with and I have been very happy with product and even more pleased with the service that I have received from them. They have a great live chat customer service option that I have used multiple times and had all my questions answered.

Just my two cents on


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