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Best Hosting Options for Your Website

Per a recent post about BlueHost Hosting, I have started doing some research on other hosting options.  What I’ve found has been quite interesting.  I’ve discovered, and re-discovered, how important it is to select a proper hosting service for your website.  Here are some of the things to look for in a good hosting company:

  • Customer service: How easy is the company to contact?  Do they use live chat, phone, or just email? The more ways there are to contact and communicate, the better.
  • Extensive and easy to understand FAQ’s: most hosting companies have this but how easy are they to follow?
  • Bandwidth or Data Transfer of 50gb+/month
  • Storage: 50gb+
  • 99.9% Up-time Guarantee
  • Email:
    POP3 accounts
    Preferably unlimited email addresses
    Mail forwarding
    Spam filtering

For blogs and content management systems (CMS):

  • All of the above features
  • PHP 5.0+
  • Fantastico: the best thing about Fantastico that I’ve seen is easy installation of WordPress
  • Unlimited domains allowed
  • How many MySQL databases are allowed? Preferably unlimited
  • FTP access to your hosting space

One that I’ve found that I’m exploring more is Host Gator.  It meets all the requirements above and seems pretty user-friendly.

I’ll be interviewing them soon to find out more…Stay tuned!

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I found GoDaddy to provide the best service there is and they are extremely affordable as well. Good Customer service. Especially for those who are running a number of websites, their Deluxe hosting program is excellent.

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