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Consistency and Quality Blogging Pays Off

I’ve been blogging now professionally for over a year. I would say one of my keys to success as a blogger has been reading the quality content of others in my industry and then adding to what they say, disagreeing with what they say, and sharing my specific personal experiences in the SEO, SMO and the on-line business industry.

I talk to clients all the time about the importance of consistency in blogging. Not only is this important to readers who expect new information, but it’s also important to search engines: if search engine robots come back to your site to re-cache and they don’t see new content, they may not come back as often.

In my experience, the more frequently you get cached, the better chance you have of moving up the charts for the specific keyword phrases you are trying to optimize with. More consistency also helps build credibility and trust with other readers.

To prove my point, recently I received a message from a great on-line marketer, Lee Odden. This is what it said:

was going to biglist [] but no posts since Nov 6th. no can do

Getting a link on a site with as much credibility and readers as would be such an honor to me, but, because of laziness, over scheduling things, or whatever other lame excuse, I hadn’t blogged consistently for far too long. What to do? Well, I got back to setting some specific goals and doing things I had control of. I started posting again.

Just the other day, I received this notice:

Special thanks to Lee Odden from Online Marketing Blog for addition to his list of Best SEM Blogs on the Net and for his reminder that blogging consistently is really important if you want to build on-line credibility.

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I found this to be a little confusing becuase Im not sure exactly what this cached thing is. Ive seen it on Google and other searched engines but Im not sure what the purpose or value is. Perhaps you could blog in the future about that… Thanks!

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