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Craigslist Incident Resolved!

Craigslist ThievesIf you hadn’t heard, today Craigslist was in the news and it wasn’t good. Apparently someone had made a listing on Craigslist stating that everything at a Jacksonville, Oregon home was free for the taking. This same “clever duo” then participated in the “free offering” in order to steal a couple horse trailers.

What they didn’t know was that police could easily track IP addresses that Craigslist provided. That little lack of knowledge got these two thieves caught and booked.

Moral of the story – there’s no such thing as a “get-rich-quick” online scheme!

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Hi Nate

I have used Craigs list, but I don’t think it’s very popular in Australia, I listed 10 different items and had 3 different enquiries, asking for my bank details so that they could deposit a large sum of money in my account and I could take out the money for the item they wanted to buy and then “could I please send the balance of the money to their family in Nigeria”!

I was just thinking of trying an idea like that myself! Guess I will have to look for another way to get rich. Interesting article.

@karyn it probably isn’t quite as big yet in Australia but you can be one of the “pioneers” to make it bigger.

@David Moller let me know when you find your “easy money” 🙂

FYI, I have worked with a client who has taken great advantage of Craigslist and eBay. Here’s what she has to say:

I have had successes in two major areas during my coaching sessions. I have earned almost $8,000 on ebay and Craigslist, and learned a great deal about marketing on the internet with the first step of getting a website almost completed coming along well. This has been a tremendous confidence builder and has given me a great deal of incentive to continue the learning and the work. This is a new business area for me so I feel that I have made a great amount of progress. – Barbara F., Ontario, Canada

Only accept cash, bring a counterfeit detection pen with you, and check for the proper watermarks and security features on the bill 🙂

I have a piano for sale on craigslist. I got many of the emails that are talked about on this web site. The same curiosities struck me. They were not personal, bad grammer, and a lack of caring for the info I gave them. Item not mentioned at all in their emails. The piano is $10,000, that’s a lot of money, and they want to buy it sight unseen? Really? -What I want to know is – what do they gain from this?

How do you sell a big ticket item? Cash is great, But even I don’t walk around with thousands of dollars in cash. so what transaction is actually safe now a days.

Most of the time, I would get a message saying something like i will give you 100 to ship abrad, and honestly I had responded a couple of times to that, but it’s not obvious to me, untill they start being really foggy and desperate and mean. They would respond with something like i am on the way to the bank… i want you to pack it now. This happened after we had agreed to wire money to my bank, but then the person asked for my bank info, and it just as I thought, was a complete scam, i told them they were scamming me, and unless they gave me cash, there was no deal, and i thanked them, and i thank you all who post these thing on the internet, otherwise, people would fall for these types of things more easily. I’ve been scammed once, and the person was apparently overseas, and lost a huge amount of money, and i never paid attention to the scam alerts, until after that incident

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