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Doing What You Love to Do – Part 2

When you love it, breathe it, live it every second…you work hard and your work smart because it’s your passion…you’ll be happy and you’ll make more money! – Gary Vaynerchuk

Well, do you believe this or don’t you?

If you don’t, just stop reading right now, don’t comment and keep working the 12 hour day for a boss that you hate…

Or, take it to heart and “HUSTLE!” (as Gary Vee is famous for saying).

Awhile back I did a case study on a client who is doing what they love to do and making things happen with their online business.  Since then I’ve interviewed quite a few big names in the internet marketing community and they all say the same basic thing:

If you’re not doing what you love to do, when a speed bump or obstacle comes, you’re probably going to quit or give up because the passion just isn’t there…

So quit asking me, “What do YOU think I should sell Nate?” or “What’s the hot items in the online market these days?”  THIS WILL NOT WORK! (and I’m not usually one to say something won’t work but I really feel this way about this).

Here’s what Gary V. has to say about doing what you love to do and making money online:

So, why is doing what you love to do a key component to making money with an online business?

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Ouch! Thinking about it, I might be that boss that people hate! Hopefully not!

It’s a problem that is growing out of a good step in starting an online business: find high demand & low supply/competition. Definitely, you don’t want to step into a blackhole of a business idea, let’s say 50 lessons in Ninjitsu Meditation. And you don’t want to try and squeeze into an absolutely saturated market, like blogging about making money online…OHHH sorry Nate! 🙂 But a bigger part of finding a online niche is to find that niche within your interests, hobbies, passions & expertise!

One thing that I’ve learned is that if an online business worth getting into, it’s gonna look like it’s already being done. If you find websites about your idea or even doing your idea, that is actually probably a good thing! What if you found nothing about your idea? Hate to be the one to tell you this but…no one is interested in your niche dude!

It just makes sense, if there interest in your niche, you should find something. The challenge is not to be discouraged or intimidated by this. I learned this from the guy behind I worked on the redesign of his logo, site and product covers (yeah, that was me!) and he had some hefty competition. He is up against guys that rank way high on the search engines, have huge names in the industry and what does he do? He calls them up! Gets to know them. He sells their stuff! He’s gotten them to sell his stuff! What?!?! Isn’t that his competition? Yeah, but this is online and that’s how it works.

In blogging especially the big boys always give props to “their competition”. Gary V with get mentioned on ProBlogger, Problogger will get mentioned by Chris Brogan, Chris Brogan will get interviews by Tim Sanders…you get the idea.

Bottomline it’s hard work! If you don’t love it, you won’t last. Don’t get caught up in the hottest trends. Get lost in something you love!

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I agree but ……

In my high school we had a talented fellow who wanted to be an actor. This was his passion. He went to Hollywood and the best he did was to get a couple minor parts in a movie or two. He also got a couple parts in a sit-com – he got a part on one episode of the Golden Girls. This was probably the most talented representative in a class of about 950 graduating seniors. He followed his passion and didn’t reach great financial success. I think this is the result of far more people that those who become big name stars. Look at American Idol — thousands of people try out; but only one idol per year.

What I think people should ask before going out of their venture, their passion is — can I do this WITHOUT financial success? or just a moderate amount of success? I think the answer MUST BE — YES!!

As the maxim goes — better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

The WORST place to be is to never have TRIED. The fear of failure is the greatest fear because it deprives us from giving our best.. All who give their best can have the pride of giving of themselves totally. The ability to look in the mirror and always have self-respect is what I think most people want even more than money. Great athletes can accept losing to someone better then they – IF they know they gave their absolute best. Most can accept defeat to a Michael Phelps.

Thanks for the comment Dan!

Financial success is only a SMALL PART of true success in life. It’s also hard to define what “financial success” really is. For each person, financial success takes on a totally different meaning.

If you focus on the things your high school friend DID do: went to Hollywood, got a couple minor parts in a movie or two, got a couple parts in a sit-com, got a part on one episode of the Golden Girls…to him these may have been the very things we was looking for. They gave him experience.

The fun thing is, as we go down a path that initially we thought may be the BEST thing out there, we may realize there are other opportunities that better suit our needs. Becoming a “big name star”, to me, isn’t at all what its brought up to be by the media. Many of the “big name stars” lives are miserable at best, the money and fame set aside.

Definitely interested and excited to work with you and help you see the success that you hope for.

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