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How to Get Advertisers on Your Blog

gary vaynerchuk on getting advertising for your blogDoes Gary Vaynerchuk really know what he’s talking about or is he just loud and obnoxious?

Before you answer that question, watch this AWESOME VIDEO about how to make money with online advertising: (to get the password, sign up for our Free Email List)

I love how he actually calls a potential advertiser up, goes through a whole question and answer session, and sets the stage for something.

My question to Gary, “Did you get that business to buy advertising with you?” (We’ll see if Gary does what he claims and answers ALL his emails.)

How do you plan to implement this strategy in your quest to make money online?

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16 replies on “How to Get Advertisers on Your Blog”

I like this. Good post and find. That would be a great to do this. You could probably find some takers. It definitely needs to be worth your time and effort to do this but it is definitely a good sell for advertisers.

DUDE! Selling ad space is where is is at! The most money can be made from it, and you really don’t have to have the traffic that most people think you do. But I do agree it does take time to make it happen!

I talked to Ed today, one of the best examples of selling ad space, and his advertisers don’t even ask about the traffic most of the time – they buy his confidence and passion for what he’s doing!

Now go and do likewise my friend!

This was pretty darn awesome. His confidence is through the roof. This what you need to back your knowledge. Nobody wants to give money to someone who is passive aggressive.

Ha! And then the money starts falling from the tree. You and I both know that it’s not THAT easy.

The key step is “Showing Value” (Providing Value). You have to be able to answer the question that will definitely come of, “What’s in it for me (or my business)?” If a business is going to beg to give you the money, they’re going to have to see why what you have would be so beneficial to them.

Thanks for the comment!

That’s a very broad question. First, I’d need to know what your 50 websites were all about, what audience you were targeting, what you wanted to accomplish with your sites, etc.

What you saw on the video was one way – just start calling businesses that share your target audience and ask them :).

Lets face it without advertising our own sites to get traffic, the site is nothing. So why not go after a few to advertise on your site to help defray the cost? And Make Money!

The hardest step is the first one in the dark. “What if I say the wrong thing?” “What if I don’t have enough value for them to even want to advertise with me?”

These and many other questions come but you know how to “getterdun!” Keep me posted!

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