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How Do You Manage Your Time?

This is information I shared yesterday with 40 colleagues.

We talked about time management techniques and how we can better take care of clients, including how to better run an online business.


How would you answer the following questions?

How do I currently manage my time?

What are 3 things I can do better to manage my time?



What will the results be if and when I do these 3 things?

3 replies on “How Do You Manage Your Time?”

The best thing that I have found to work, is to right down the things that you have to get done in the day.

Take a piece of paper and right the top 3 things that you HAVE to get done and work at the first one till it is done then the second one and so on.

I found this to help greatly when I apply it 🙂

The problem that I have ran into with this, is not always having the paper that I wrote the items down on. To solve this you have to find whatever works best for you, whether it be 3X5 cards, or an electronic device like a PDA, or the all around never failing method of a day planner.

Great thoughts Nate!

Keep up the good work!

My problem is that I usually lose the paper I wrote down my goals on 🙂

Or, worse, things come up that distract me (like responding to great comments).

Thanks for the insights Beau. Go Cougs!


Thanks for this blog post. Time management is something that I struggle with most days! I will use what you have taught here to get things under control.

-Curtis Armstrong

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