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Why Do You Have to Fail to Really Succeed?

Do you really have to fail to succeed?

Or is that just one of those stupid cliches that people tell you to keep you motivated?

What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

In life?

In business?

In whatever?

Were you a first time phenom?

Or did it take a bit of time before you finally “made it” to the top of your “game”?

Starting an online business is HARD WORK! It takes self-motivation and persistence that some people just don’t have.

You have to set goals, monitor progress, and work hard through hard times.

So how do people do it?

Watch, listen, learn and apply!

How do you plan to apply this?

What’s a failure you’ve made today that is leading towards success?

4 replies on “Why Do You Have to Fail to Really Succeed?”

Thanks for the comment Yefim! Persistence is a key that some people may never acquire unfortunately. I’m glad you’ve found that key and understand how many doors it can and does open.

Keep me posted on your progress.


In the late fall of 2005 I crossed Sweden in my kajak. It took me 16 days. I lost 10 kg, but gained a proof. 1. you need a dream. 2. you need to make plans. 3. you need to accept pain and hard work. Lottery is a totally different “ball game”. Thank’s for a great site Nate 😉

Excellent comment Arthur! Did you get any cool pictures? That would make a great blog post!

I’m excited to work with you and help you grow your online businesses. Let me know as you have questions.

Good luck on the email campaign we talked about today.


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