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Is There a Sure Fire Way to Make Millions Online?

I help clients start online businesses via wholesale solutions, dropshippers, affiliates and blogging.  I then help them market these projects online with search engine optimization and social media strategies.

I’ve worked with clients who are very internet saavy.

I’ve worked with clients who are in the “older years” and need a bit more hand holding.

What I’ve found through these experiences can be summed up by a famous American:

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well. – Abraham Lincoln

So what does this really mean?

While doing my daily routine today of reading and commenting on blog posts, working on Twitter, etc. I found this cool video courtesy of @chrisbennett.

You don’t have to watch the whole thing (up to 3:11 is enough) to get the gist:

You can do WHATEVER you set your mind to!

Now watch this video!

6 Year Old Proves You Can Do Whatever You Want

Questions to Consider

Do you think this little guy was initially scared to hit those jumps?

Do you think he wiped out a few times?

Do you think this skill was developed overnight?

Do you think he had to practice a lot?

Running a successful online business is so much like this snowboarding video.

How to Make Money Online

You have to break fears.

It takes failure over and over again + learning to deal with it and move forward.

It takes time.

It takes practice.

And eventually, with persistence, you can succeed.

Notice I DIDN’T say you WOULD succeed. I said you CAN succeed.

Your initial idea my not be the “Million Dollar Maker”. In fact, it may completely flop.

Johnny B. Truant shared his philosophy on the ultimate formula for success as an new online business owner:

For many (maybe most) beginners, the surest way to begin building a good income online is to focus on networking and business principles, not push-button systems and arbitrage.

  • How do you network?
  • What are business principles?

If you have these questions, your first assignment is to find the answers, probably BEFORE you even start your first business!

My biggest recommendation for success with an online business boils down to this simple statement:

But be persistent and BELIEVE YOU WILL SUCCEED!

I believe Johnny’s formula backs up my words of wisdom:

The one and only one true formula for success

  1. Try.
  2. Repeat step 1 until the desired result is achieved.

How does this cool video help you believe in your abilities to be an online entrepreneur?

18 replies on “Is There a Sure Fire Way to Make Millions Online?”

I like the formula 🙂

Really the only way to learn SEO, PPC, or anything in online marketing is to try and then keep trying. It’s the same for sports or anything else in life. What you apply yourself to is what you get good at.

Excuses get in the way if you let them. If you really want something, keep working at it. I watch this video from time to time for inspiration:

Thanks for the comment Dan! Try, Try, Try, and then Try a bit more.

I love that video too. Any old excuse will do!

Nice new hair cut by the way! Makes life so much easier.

Thanks Russ!

The hardest thing for me is when people just give up before they’ve even done ANYTHING, let alone working on “more efficient” ways…

Your company seems to be a great example of working hard and finding better ways to do things.

Take care!

Wait…there’s no magic way to make a million dollars!?

Forget this!

My tummy hurts, I’m tired, maybe next week, my feet hurt…Ha! That was a great vid Dan. I posted it to Facebook because my boy is going to eventually get into wheelchair basketball!

But back to the post, there is a sure fire way to online success! It’s the same principle to success in anything: work, persistence, work, determination, work, focus, work honesty, work and luck.

Persistence & Determination…meaning deciding on what your goals are and sticking to it until you achieve them.

Focus & Honesty…meaning being honest with yourself on clarifying where are your talents, interests, etc. give you an advantage over others and focusing everything you to on being/becoming the best in the world at it.

Work…meaning work. As GaryVee would say, “You have to hustle!” You have to do the hard stuff, the boring stuff, the stuff other people are unwilling to do! Day in. Day out. Work.

Luck meaning all of the above combined over a long enough period of time that the right opportunity comes along and you’re ready for it. The old saying, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

I love the attitude of Gary V! It’s all about Crushing It! Thanks for the awesome comment Ryan!

One thing I think is hard for people is to really decide what they want. It’s easy to say, “I wanna be rich…” They even made a song with those lyrics.

But what does that really mean?

How much?


and most importantly, HOW?

How are you going to “be rich”? What are you going to DO on a day to day basis to achieve that goal?

When you ARE rich, what will you do then?

I don’t believe luck really exists. LeBron James doesn’t get lucky when he hits and incredible shot – he’s probably made the same shot hundreds of times in practice.

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks again for another motivating article.
Ryan said it well. It takes the courage, determination, failures, disappointments etc…. to succeed.
“You have to do what others don’t wan’t to do, and make excuses of why they can’t or won’t do it.”

Great to hear from you Curtis!

How have things been going for you? How’s your success?

You’re a hard worker and I know you’re succeeding.

Keep me posted. Send me an email and give me some specifics on what you’ve been doing to make the “Small success lead to Big Success!”

Talk soon!

What an amazing young man. I was absolutely riveted to the screen, watching this little guy’s performance. He displays confidence well beyond his years and has the winning attitude of a champion. Wow!! What an inspiration to us “old” folk, anyone over 16.

Like many, I have done the trial and error stuff and now that that’s behind me, I can focus on what does work. Yes, it takes perseverance and belief in yourself. If it weren’t so, most of us wouldn’t be here doing what we do.

So kudos to you all. Stay focused, keep on plugging away and don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal. It will be worth it.


We’re due to talk soon aren’t we?

You’re a perfect example of someone that decided, “I’m GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN” and then you did.

Glad you liked the article and the video.

Talk to you soon!

The good news is, if you keep at it long enough, it gets easier and you become more efficient with less effort. I love when those break throughs happen. That encourages me. Small success leads to bigger successes. Where have I heard that before?

Cool post Nate.

I came across your blog after searching google for research on why Artists in the music industry need to use twitter. In that post you had 300 or so followers and now you have a fair few more. Nice playing pal!

This is a hot topic post, especially where so many ‘guru’s and experts’ are claiming its simple to make millions through blogging just to get you on their mailing list.

I like how you explain the fundamentals of standard business that people seem to so frequently forget as they view the internet as a cash cow waiting to milk.

Anyway, ill keep monitoring the bloggage dude.

It is a great motivation tape. If you keep trying you can accomplish your goals. The little guy sure can fly.

I am motivated to get my homework down at a specific time. I hope that I am doing it correctly and I alot a specific amount of time each evening to work on it. I enjoyed watching the video and will keep going to obtain my goals.
If more time is necessary I will re-arrange my time. Thanks nate.

After you find your success formula, rinse and repeat and you are in your way to making your millions!

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