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How To Use Press Releases for Effective Online Marketing

Janet Meiners - Newspapergrl.comJanet Meiners, professional blogger at and online press release extraordinaire shares tips on making your online PR strategy effective.

Why is online PR so important to the effective marketing of an eCommerce business?

If you have any business you want to get the word out.  You need to think of ways to publicize what you’re doing. Online PR is all about the distribution.  Use a distribution service online like PRWEb and other sites for amplification of what you’re doing.

Who are some of the clients you’ve helped with online PR?

ShoeMoney – Jeremy Schoemaker – Janet volunteered to write a professional press release for ShoeMoney and succeeded with an editorial score of 5 out of 5! Because of this press release Jeremy was interviewed by newspapers and radio stations all over the place.  Janet has also received many responses and leads because of this service she provided.

Who else does Janet write for?

Andy Beal at
5 Tips for Effective Online Press Releases

  1. Find a good newsworth story: one of the biggest mistakes clients make is that they don’t have a story – they try to manufacture something.  Press releases like this get less response and less exposure.  In order to be effective with online press releases you need a compelling story. Find something new in your business that is helping your target audience, maybe a trend, or something interesting.
  2. Tie your story in to a larger story
  3. Use keyword phrases strategically: Don’t just use  Instead use keyword phrases within the content that link to specific pages on your site. Don’t be afraid to source other websites too – it adds credibility.  Keywords in the title of your press release – this will help readers know what the content is about. Using keyword phrases in the first sentence can be very helpul too.
  4. Attend the seminar: ask questions, test, and re-test, watch statistics and “do more of what makes you more”.
  5. Warning – Don’t overdo it: writing a press release every 10 days is probably too much. Shoot for 1 press release per month and provide good quality content.

Any other recommendations?

Just because you write a press release doesn’t mean you’re going to get a great response right away. Reach out to others in your industry. Ask others in the industry to write about what you are sharing. Submit to social media sites, put your information on forums, and use keywords to get people to your sites.

Are there any sites besides PRweb that you recommend?, – Janet likes PRWeb because they allow users to add logos, pictures, images, social media pieces, etc.  There are lots of PR sites for just links too.  The $200 PRWeb option is better for distribution and linking.  Users can add a direct link in every 100 words of content. In Janet’s testing it’s paid off a lot more to do the $200 option.

Other fun facts

Per Press Release Janet Meiners averages 60,000 impressions, 1,000 readers, and her professional press release is is online forever!

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