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Making Money Online with Ad Sales

Online Ad SalesLearn 3 tips to help get your new website making money quickly. Targeted online advertising sales can diversify the marketing strategy of small, medium and large sized businesses.

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Ed Winslow, of, talks about his internet experience. He got in to internet stuff about two years ago and didn’t know too much. He thought that if you had a website, that was all you needed to succeed. He is realizing there is a lot more to it than just having a website.

“There’s so much that I need to still learn…I do product reviews…and I have received some real interest. I have 4 companies who have signed up already for about $250 [each] per month…it’s going to continue growing from there.” says Ed.

How would you talk to a potential advertiser?

Talk to the prospect from a completely different angle. The conversation doesn’t have to be a sales pitch. Go in as if I’m giving them something for free. Doing reviews on a product and then advertising on the site.

Give potential advertisers so many good reasons to advertise that they can’t say no: do reviews on their product, advertising includes the following things:

  • building content for the consumer first
  • targeted keyword links within the site content
  • usage of specific and selected keyword phrases
  • using keyword research and relevance to promote their site
  • the advertising is a resource to the consumer making it a win/win for everyone
  • the advertising on the blog is very targeted to the topic and content discussed

What are 3 tips to Success in Advertising Sales?

  1. Know Your Product and Like It: if you don’t have a lot of enthusiasm in your voice about the product and what you’re doing, you won’t get the sale. There are way too many competitors out there.
  2. Create a Tickler File: have a list of prospects with phone numbers, keep track of when you call, what was talked about, what they said, what you did – ALL THE DETAILS!
  3. Don’t get Discouraged! Having passion about what you do will be a big part of your success. It won’t happen overnight but things do happen.

“The internet is just like any other business…it’s going to take time and you have to stick with it!”

Special thanks to Ed for his feedback. If you’d like an interview like this one, contact Moller Marketing at mollermarketing (at) gmail (dot) com for details.

8 replies on “Making Money Online with Ad Sales”

Interesting read. I hear a lot of stories about overnight success, visitors flocking to blogs but I don’t believe.

The reality is that success with blogs requires sacrefice and a lot of faith.

But as I write this comment I just received an e-mail from a prospect who said yes to an ad at $29.95 per month. The way I see it thats $360.00 sale since they’ll stick with me for a year and maybe more.

Think about this. If you can bring in just a $29.95 ad every day thats $90,000.00 per year, $180,000.00 by end of year 2 and $270,00.00 by year 3.

@ Cliff Smith – Blogs! You can intertwine (is that a word) your own product reviews with the reviews of other companies that compliment or supplement what you are trying to sell. A blog can change every hour, every day, or a few times a week.

@ Metro For this reason I say that “Small Success leads to Big Success!” That $29.95 to some may feel like nothing but if so, they need to adjust their mindset – the little money adds up to big dollars over time and with consistency.

Thanks for the great comments!

I agree with what Ed Winslow that it’s a good idea to advertise that way. That little blog that you helped us with this morning, about the “Stabilizer” would be a good review on that company. It gives me another idea for our website.

@Jesse Rucker – I feel this model can be followed with ANY website in ANY industry – it’s just a matter of finding a good niche that you are excited about, creating a list of potential advertisers and product sponsors, and then going to work with a NO GIVE UP Attitude! Like Abraham Lincoln said,

“That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.”

Keep me posted on your success!

Interesting approach to expanding your income potential from your site by incorporating blogging. Every little bit helps.

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