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why subscribeWhy did you subscribe to

I recently got this “feedback” from a subscriber that made my day:

…have been subscribing to MollerMarketing newsletter for quite sometime which I have found to be a tremendous resource. [Nate Moller] has so much in his websites to fill my timelines with for the next months and months. I have also printed many of the quotes from his websites, listen to [mollermarketing] podcasts. I cannot thank him enough for all the free stuff he has generously doled out from the goodness of his heart.

Thanks for the motivation to keep on keeping on! This Friday at 4:00 p.m. MST I will be doing a drawing – the winner will receive a free 10 minute interview on the Podcast.

Make sure to include name, email and website in the comment so I can keep track of who’s who.

7 replies on “Why Did You Subscribe to”

Nate Moller as always been a great source of inspiration for me. He has also been the first actually, as he acted as my mentor during my e-commerce program. His insights are always really valuable to me and I owe him most of what I have learned so far. Of course, I have been reading and researching, but I keep on coming back to his blogs to read each and every new posts he puts up because I know I will get something positive out of it.

Nate, Why I subscribe is…. you provide VALUABLE information in pursuing internet opportunities and steps to move forward and/or overcome potential hurdles that stand in ones way to success. In addition, you provide (top notch ) motivation to those who tend to drag our feet. Thanks so much!

I worked with Nate a few years ago, and he stuck by me, following up on homework assignments, and introducing me to various website resources, which would be helpful in putting together a functional and monetary rewarding website; however, I dropped out of the program without putting my best foot forward. So I was glad to hear from him again, because, in the back of my mind, I have an idea that is trying to burst forth and I would like to share this with Nate. Based on the various websites I’ve seen thus far, the concept isn’t new, but the approach is a little different. I believe, I will have lots of vendors vying to advertise..i would not have thought along these lines, if I hadn’t met Mr. Moller.

I was so impressed by you when you substituted for another presenter who had some emergency in one of the Prosper Webinars. You struck me as a highly motivational teacher. I have a Nate Moller folder among my saved documents. And I added contacts with designations like quoted by or recommended by Nate Moller where applicable. I do value your input and have appreciated the wealth of material you have been generously indulging your followers and students. I also learn a lot from the mentors and the other very resourceful men and women you feature in your website. Well done and do keep up the good work.

Nate, you motivate me! My first day at Prosper was spent listening to you welcome students with hope and prosperity. You are a fine example of the American Dream and one that sticks in my mind constantly. I subscribe to Moller Marketing so that your knowledge and motivated will, will rub off on me and I too will become a part of that American Dream.

Thanks for the comments and support. I know that building a business isn’t easy, but if you are persistent, you WILL Succeed!

And the winner is…Shirley Bass! I will contact you for an interview that will be posted at the Prosper eCommerce Blog.

That is a very easy question because if I am uncertain about any topic your site is the first site that I visit,all of your topics are so interesting and I always find the answer to my problem.It is especially helpful to a new ecommerce person like me ,that knew nothing about started a business.I recently created my website selling electronics products and after reading some of your advise I became so knowledgeable about things that I did not know exist.Writing a blog,something I did not know it exist.Thank you very much

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