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Positive Power!

I’ve been involved in marketing, sales, and eCommerce for over 6 years now and, probably the most imporant thing I’ve learned is the power of confidence, belief and mindset. Nothing new – just true. Here are some of the things I’ve learned that help build self-confidence:

  1. Identify your successes. “Small Success leads to Big Success!” Everyone is good at something; discover things you excel at, then focus on these strengths. Take pride in them. Take credit for your successes. Feeling sorry for yourself is a state of mind – you’ve declared yourself a victim. What good will this do you?
  2. Be grateful. By acknowledging and appreciating what you do have, you can fight the feeling of being incomplete and unsatisfied.
  3. Remember that nobody is perfect. Even the most confident people have insecurities. The reality is that we all have things we’re not going to completely understand. It’s important to focus on the positive.
  4. Accentuate the positive (even if you don’t feel positive). Avoid self-pity, or the pity and sympathy of others. Don’t let others make you feel inferior. If you belittle yourself, others are going to do and believe likewise. Instead, speak positively about yourself, about your future, and about your progress. Don’t be afraid to share your strengths and qualities with others. By doing so, you reinforce those ideas in your mind and encourage your growth in a positive direction.
  5. SMILE when you look in the mirror. The “facial feedback theory” says that expressions on your face can actually encourage your brain to register certain emotions. By looking in the mirror and smiling every day, you’ll feel happier with yourself and more confident in the long run.
  6. Fake it ’til you make it! Acting confident, even if you don’t completely feel confident, can have great affects on your mindset. Pretend you’re completely confident; go through the motions and see how you feel.
  7. Express yourself. Find something you enjoy. Everyone is born with talents and strengths. You can develop and excel in yours. Adding a variety of interests to your life will not only make you more confident, but it will increase your chances of meeting compatible friends!
  8. Expect Success! Has this ever hurt anyone? When you go into something with a positive mindset, you can find good in any situation. Even when things don’t go as “planned”, the positive thinker can come out with something gained. The opposite is true as well: if you think it’s not going to work out, it probably won’t.

I guarantee, if you practice these things and really believe they will help, they will.  Now get out there and “getter done!”

4 replies on “Positive Power!”

I think this is the way to go; I’m a big believer in thinking positive, its hard sometimes but its better than thinking negative a lot and getting nowhere, it just drags you down a lot.

Couldn’t have said it any better.Positive Power is the only way to be if you expect to be at the top. You have to get yourself set that there is no such thing as an excuse when it comes to business. Things go wrong all the time in everyday life; so start looking for the positive of everything no matter how bad you think things are and you will almost always find the solution to the problem. You may need to take time to step back and regroup. You may even come up with a better way to fix your problem to make you a couple of steps ahead of where you were before thing went astray.

Positive thinking is the only way to achieve small successes as well as large successes. Being grateful is the way to remember what you have. It is easy to fell sorry for yourself, but if you start thinking about what you have, there is no way you can feel sorry for yourself.

Positive Power, Think and Grow Rich, Thoughts Become Things, and of late The Secret all
extol the basic principles of the eight things listed. Then taking Positive Actions produce Positive Results. It can also be said that Positive Power will make one a Value Creator with the use of one’s mind, while one’s Labor makes one a Value Producer. Creation with the Mind is key.

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