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Post #101 at!

101 DalmationsLike the Dalmations – this is post #101 at! Why is that such a big deal? It’s not really – just a small milestone. Last year I finished the year with about 90 posts. This year I plan to at least do 120 posts – that’s only 10 per month, 2.5 per week. I’ve found that the more you post, the easier it is to come up with new ideas to share with your target audience.  You start walking around the house thinking, “I could blog about that…” or watching TV and saying, “That would make such a controversial blog post…”  I know, kinda crazy, but it’s amazing how powerful blogging can be as a marketing tool.

In the near future I’ll be sharing something I learned recently about the beauty of podcasting and how it ties in to blogging and content creation.  Stay tuned!

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