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SEO and Creative Marketing Blogs I Follow

Who needs a newspaper anymore? Especially when you can spend late nights reading about SEO, SMO, internet branding, creative advertising, and other useful strategies for eCommerce and blogging. Of course, I have to make time for Sportscenter on ESPN, but the following are some of the blogs I watch and study frequently. I’m sure there may be some I’m leaving out, but these are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Jim Westergren

Aaron Wall’s SEO Book


Jim Boykin

Marketing Pilgrim

Matt Cutts

Lee Odden

Mat Siltala

Michael Gray – Gray Wolf

What do you all read?

2 replies on “SEO and Creative Marketing Blogs I Follow”

Hey Nate, glad you find our blog useful.

I would add to that list along with too many others to mention here. There are quite a few on our big list of search marketing blogs though.

Well, thanks for the introduction to some very good blogs. I’ve never been one to ‘surf’ the web and visit and read blogs, perhaps leaving a comment.
So I’ve (quite apparently) been behind the curve in this world — Web 2.0 as some call it.

I’ve thought that blogs and blogging were mainly made-up of people with too much time on their hands. Or a source of out of the mainstream news and commentary. Maybe it used to be that. But it isn’t now. Instead, subject based blogs can be very good places to meet specific communities of like-minded people.

The great advantage to me or anyone operating an online business is that objective-specific blogs can enable us to learn more about our business’s marketplace and those who are our targeted market. One can never know enough about one’s market. And in our world today, the marketplace is constantly changing, and we either keep up with it or die.

This new generation of blogs (Web 2.0) then are the natural evolutionary result of the boom in website businesses. They have become a necessity to advance ourselves in business acumen and information. If one has the time, then key blogs are one of the most useful and dynamic means of staying on the leading edge of our marketplace and our targeted market. And like all research and investigation, one must make the time for it.

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