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Sheryl Crow’s Revlon Commercial Consider the Worst of All!

Poor Sheryl Crow, first she get’s dumped by Lance Armstrong, then she’s on the dumbest commercial of the Super Bowl! Here are the top 5 reasons her commercial was so bad:

1. Too Long! Did you all feel the way I did, it just kept going and going and going…You would have thought this was a commercial for Energizer but 100 times worse.

2. Who is their target audience? This is football, not couples ice skating (nothing against ice skating but come on)! Is a football game really the best target audience for hair products?

3. What were they marketing again? Like was said before, they were marketing the wrong product to the wrong audience. But beside that, the ad didn’t really tell us anything about the product or give us a good idea about what it did, not that we really cared!

4. They spent $5 million on that? Wow, interesting use of a marketing budget! Maybe they should get a “marketing consultant” from Moller Marketing! 🙂

5. The Male Hairstylist…Need I say more?

To watch the hideous event (if you dare), click here

2 replies on “Sheryl Crow’s Revlon Commercial Consider the Worst of All!”

Nice post. I was thinking the same thing. I didn’t see the whole game, so I missed out on all the commercials, but this was one of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen. And to pay $5 million for it, not to mention all the money they must have payed Sheryl Crow, it sure didn’t get the point across (whatever it was). During a Super Bowl, no one cares about what your hair looks like, why would you run a commercial like that? Some people just don’t understand.

I also missed most of the game, but I guess I didn’t miss much when it came to this commercial. So I had to check it out. As a beauty industry specialist, I certainly feel this isn’t the time or place to advertise to our “targeted market.” Besides that I guarantee Sheryl Crow didn’t use this OVER the counter hair color. Any hairstylist that would use it must not have a license and that’s all they can buy!!!

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