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Sponsorship and Joint Venture Sales

Since forming a partnership with Highlight Sports about a year and a half ago, I’ve learned many important things about Sponsorship and Advertising Sales. Here are a few ideas:

– Instead of talking about price, talk about “return on investment” or what they want out of the sponsorship (some may not care as much about ROI – they just want to show their support and brand their company name)
– When the question is asked about cost over the phone, set up an appointment to meet in person if possible
– Ask questions about what the company does for marketing
– Take notes
– Pick their brain about how what we are doing could benefit them, if not now, later
– Tie their needs back in to the presentation
– KISS: keep it simple stupid
– Listen for buying clues
– Don’t burn bridges: what may not work now could always work later if you leave a good impression.

Additional Notes I took on my learning curve:
– Mention competitors as options for sponsorship
– Use phrase like “We are considering your company as a potential sponsor…”
– Generally better to start a little high with numbers: you can always negotiate down, but not up
– Be willing to negotiate price and tools provided
– If they are hesitant with the pricing, ask something like: “Is there some things I could rearrange to make that package a better fit for you?”
– Show clients past work we’ve done

There are many different approaches that can be taken; these are some of the things that have worked for me. More to come….

What have you all learned?

8 replies on “Sponsorship and Joint Venture Sales”

As usual you make good points. I especially liked the “We are considering your company as a potential sponsor” line!! Thanks Nate

Great tips. I especially like the “Don’t burn bridges.” I have known people for years and years before ever having worked with them. Keep your reputation strong!

Hi Nate,
This, too, is an area that I am just beginning to learn about. I know that these tips will be extremely useful when I take this step. Thanks!


One thing I don’t see in your blog here is a topic on link exchage.
I found it to be really effective. It would be nice to find link exchange partners through your blog.

Hi Nate,

I, too, am a little confused about the sponsorship aspect…are we asking for the sponsor to pay for a marketing campaign that we design for them and piggy-back a list off of?

There are a variety of ways we can monetize a sponsorship. Using their list, using your connections, marketing campaigns, search engine links, etc.

Let me know a bit more about what you don’t understand.

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