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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I just received an email from a good friend and former (or ongoing) client.  This is what it said:

I just went out and got 6 local businesses to let me look at their websites and make recommendations, in return they will give me ringing endorsements and testimonials so I can [get] started… I also posted on craigslist, I also applied for my local Rotary…Nate when I started I was shaking in my shoes! By the end of my trip down main street with my 6 yes and 2 no’s, I was singing!! I gave out my business cards to everyone and I now remember how good all this feels!! (bold added for emphasis)

Thanks again, I’ll keep you posted!

What can we learn from this email?  How can it relate to YOUR BUSINESS?  Why is having a positive attitude crucial to your business success? Is a positive attitude enough?

The point is, in order to see success in ANY endeavor, you have to learn to not let fear hold you back.  I recently read an article that said “Fear is the antithesis of faith.”  Faith is confidence; confidence is key.  The only way to gain confidence, in my opinion, is by making a few mistakes, learning from them, making adjustments, and then taking the “bull by the horns” and making it happen.

As you can see by the quote above, my friend was “shaking in her shoes”.  Like all of us when we do something new, she was nervous – afraid of the unknown.  What were people going to think?  What if they said no?  My answer to those questions…WHO CARES!  Nike’s “Just Do It!” slogan is so fitting for business owners.  You just have to step out, take a risk, and EXPECT SUCCESS!  Having a positive attitude, in and of itself, will not pay the bills – you have to TAKE ACTION and DO!

To make this post a bit more fun and to encourage readers to “step out and be heard”, will be doing a drawing.  Anyone that makes a valid comment letting us know what you’ve done to “Step Out of Your Comfort Zone” will qualify for the following:

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Look forward to hearing from you.

7 replies on “Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone”

I love this post, especially because the former/ongoing client is me :)! I must add an addendum:

Everything I did today took less than 2 hours of clock time. All the hours and days spent avoiding stepping out of my comfort zone are what has kept my business slow.

The belief that I can make it happen is so very crucial. But as you say, the DOING is absolutely imperative!
Good energy and the faith of EXPECTING SUCCESS continues. Even as I was emailing you Nate, I was receiving an email from a very important business contact and he is able and willing to meet with me to discuss business.

Holy cow, I feel so good right now. It is so very hard to step out of my comfort zone, but the results of the 2 hours effort mentioned above are the rewards. I now have 6 new contacts that know me in person and the other business person who I will meet.

I have to say, I think I’m finally getting it. Thanks Nate!

Hey Nate!

Hmmm… stepping out of my comfort zone seems to be a recurring thing for me lately. One good example for me was the Lingerie Fashion Show I organized back in February. At that point in time, I was still learning all your great tips and tricks about SEO and internet marketing, but I was a quite a newbie when it came down to major event planning such as Fashion Shows. I was really nervous, but also excited at the same time. After the fact, I was really satisfied with how everything went. It was a huge learning experience for me (noted down good things, and will try to avoid my mistakes) and I feel now a lot more confident, getting ready to face new opportunities.

Another good example would be my first official partnership I finally established this week. For months I had been chasing down businesses without getting any proper feedback/real action taken from their part. As I was getting ready for a phone call to a local business yesterday, I felt really nervous and out of my comfort zone. I’m happy to say that it turned out to be a really productive conversation and we are both looking forward to working together and sharing our customer base.

Taking baby steps at a time, I am becoming more and more comfortable with performing tasks I had never accomplished before 🙂

Great work Sandrine! I know at first it can be tough to do new things, but when you look back, you’ll be glad you stepped in to the dark and have found brand new opportunities you didn’t even realize existed. Keep me posted on your progress.

Have had a better frame of mind and this article & comments sound very convincing that the actions will work into positive moves towards our goal of having a start up business on the web.

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