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Viral Marketing | Using Pictures for Link Building

viral marketing

All started out pretty good….but…

marketing viral

Then she tasted that nasty toothpaste…

I’ve been reading a friends blog from time to time about viral marketing.  These two pictures made me think, “If I had a website and I was a Dentist, this would be a perfect viral marketing campaign to get people to come to my site and book mark the funny pictures…I could title the post – “Will your dentist make your kid do this?” or “Toothpaste that makes you twinge“.

I’m sure there are other directions you could head with these pictures but I think Mat’s viral marketing ideas and suggestions are contagious. Some may ask, “How can this really help my website?” Links, links, links! As we talk about social media marketing (saving articles and web pages to your favorites in StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and the like), a big part of viral marketing and SMO is encouraging people to add your pages to their favorites.  By doing this, you are creating links all over the internet that help Google and other search engines find you.  The more they find you on relevant sites, the better chance you have of moving up the charts for keywords you are using on your pages.  We don’t want to SPAM these sites, but creative strategies like this really do help build links and increases traffic.

What ideas are you testing?

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Hey Nate!

I have actually been reading about viral marketing too and really liked what Dean Hunt had to say about it. I read his case studies and also follow his blog:

I also believe that viral marketing can be great for link building and to attarct new visitors to our websites. I will be applying some of his techniques when I’ll write my next articles, and will also try to create viral videos that hopefully will bring in new traffic to my site.


Not a bad idea. You might be able to take it a step further. You could expand it to a contest where you get your visitors to submit their own funny photos. It gives you user gen. content and more pictures to generate links with.

That’s a great idea Ryan. Contests often create buzz. Look for a contest in the near future.

Thanks Sandrine as well for your comment. I’ll look forward to hearing about your results.

I realized that linking pictures was great not only on the business blog site but also my personal site. If I show a picture of my new product to family and friends they then can in an instant be on my business site.

Great comment Brooke – the more you get your name out there with links to your site via pictures, text, etc., the better. Remember, your “personal site” and your “business site” can and should go hand in hand. The more personal your “business site” is, the better relationship you can create with your customers.

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