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The 5 Minutes Blogging Tutorial for Beginners

Things you should know about blogging when you’re just getting started:

  1. Used numbered lists: Why? Organization, organization, organization. Reader friendliness! Scanability!
  2. Use bold text from time to time: scanability, can be good for SEO, reader friendliness
  3. Quote other blogs in your industry:

The New York Yankees are the best team in baseball and should be blogged about every day!  Nate Moller’s Blog Tutorials

More Blogging Tips

  • Use bulleted lists
  • Use header tags
  • Use pictures in every blog post

How to add a pictures on a blog post

  • Use Video! is a great place to start!
  • Ask for comments – end your blog posts with a question?
  • Be confrontational or opinionated or controversial…encourage people to like or dislike your article and pass it on
  • Let your friends and family know about your blog ASAP – ask them to comment to get started
  • Share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks (it’s better if you can get someone else to share them but you have to start somewhere…)


Blogging is not rocket science.

A blog can be a journal of your day to day activities with starting an online business. It can be a daily rant on why you hate your boss (be careful, he might be reading this).  It can be a simple collection of family pictures.

For eCommerce purposes, a blog will do 5 main things:

  1. Build your credibility as a legitimate professional in your industry
  2. Get you connected to the real clients in your industry
  3. Allow you to do product reviews
  4. Help you create links for search engine purposes
  5. Give you a reason to interview big names in the industry and guest post on other blogs

Why are YOU blogging?

12 replies on “The 5 Minutes Blogging Tutorial for Beginners”

I think blogging has definitely helped my SE rankings on Google because my site has stayed high even without pay per click, and when others overtake me it seems to be only a matter of time before my site goes back to the top again. I can’t think of any other explanation. Especially as I have been very preoccupied in the last 3 months with moving house to another area of the UK. and am only now just beginning to get back on track with promoting again. And so far I have only managed about one post a month! What will it be like when I really get going, and do You Tube etc?
Cheers, Nate!

I am blogging to start a business. What type of business I am not exactly quite sure of yet. Would it be appropriate to ask followers what they would find interesting in a new business?

My question back to you Cassie:

Who’s going to follow your blog if not even YOU know what it’s going to be about?

If you want to get any followers at all, you have to make some decisions on direction and then go to town to provide value that people will want to use.

Keep the questions coming!


Great read, is there any issues using trademarked logos or branding in blogs? Should you always ask permission for using company logos? My view is that it only strengthens a company’s marketing exposure (if what’s written is positive!)




I think the idea with ending with a questions is great! i am blogging on my site in order to get my customers involved and build a relationship. Asking a questions is just what I hadn’t thought of yet!

Thanks for the tip!

Great guidelines for anyone starting a new business to follow, online businesses are especially growing now

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