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Welcome back Apprentice wannabes!

These are the live notes I took during The Apprentice on Sunday, April 15th, 2007:

Wow, this was an interesting episode – the potential “apprentices” bring back some of the “wannabes” who didn’t cut it. Bold strategy! What was their role anyway? They didn’t really seem to do anything.

It seems that James and Stefani are on their way to the finals. Angela was really complimentary about Stefani and I agree. It was also good that James showed his skills. It is interesting, however, that Stefani has seemed to stay back out of the lime light until now. Is this a plan she has followed or just an accident? Has she been protecting herself until now, where she can really shine? I must admit, I hadn’t watched every episode until a few weeks ago but she seems to be coming out of her shell a bit.

Frank and Nicole – what can I say – they are the “weakest link(s)” for sure. Were these teams set up on purpose, coincidently? Is there going to be another double firing? Nicole’s comment about product placement was stupid and uncalled for (can you say brown noser?) That was crazy. She hadn’t done anything. Nicole sits there and flirts with Tim until the business they’re marketing for walks in. Then she’s up and about, stopping the flow of what’s happening, and shaking their hands welcoming them to the set. Give me a break.

James was a bit picky and took tons of time on the production. Stefani was great at watching the time and managing the entire project. She attempted to stand up for herself once but wasn’t persistent enough. James didn’t get all the footage they needed because he kept shooting and shooting, without watching the time. Time Management 101!

Frank didn’t seem to know what he was doing during the editing ordeal. He waisted time and wanted in on the decision making without really knowing what he was doing.

James and Stefani’s commercial ended up being really good. Great product placement, great open ended question, great story line! Their commercial was a great example of not just selling a product, but selling the solution to potentially a huge problem – an upset wife. Ouch! Noone wants that.

A day in the life…maybe a day full of headaches. Frank and Nicole’s commercial was so choppy. And ordorizers in a hospital? Whatever! You probably wouldn’t even be able to bring ordorizers in to the hospital, let alone use them. Dumb, dumb idea! I really got a headache watching the choppy editing. It caused me to lose focus on what was being presented.

James does have tons of energy. Stefani was a “sleeper” but player her role perfectly. James was very positive, a team player. Nicole was full of it – she says everyone worked together – yeah right. Frank says they worked together well as a team. Tim, Tim, Tim – what can we say about Tim – it seems he was just there to distract Nicole.

Frank and Nicole were not good team players. They could have done so much more if they wouldn’t have argued about who did what for 20 minutes. Frank hugs the “wannbes” but then talks behind all their backs – wouldn’t want to work with him too much – that’s a fight waiting to happen over and over again.

FIRE Frank and Nicole! Interesting twist to the ending of the show today…

It’s been fun to watch The Apprentice lately. It’s an interesting way to get ideas for marketing, branding strategies, and analyze business opportunities. Tune in next week to see the final results…

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