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How Upside Down by Jack Johnson relates to starting an eCommerce Business

While driving to work yesterday I was listening to Jack Johnson’s song “Upside Down”. It made me think alot about starting a business. As I work with clients to help them build effective eCommerce businesses, I see so much potential. Each student comes to the table with so much to offer and different skills, talents and experiences that they can use to help them see success with their business endeavors. I think the main thing that holds some of them back is their belief in their own capabilities. As you listen to the song, focus on these lyrics:

Who’s to say, what’s impossible well they forgot this world keeps spinnin’ and with each new day I can feel a change in everything…As my mind begins to spread it’s wings, there’s no stoppin curiosity…Who’s to say, I can’t do everything well I can try and as I roll along I begin to find things aren’t always just what they seem, I wanna turn the whole thing upside down, I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found…There’s no time to waist, it all keeps spinnin’…Who’s to say what’s impossible and can’t be found…I don’t want this feeling to go away…please don’t go away!

Belief, faith, confidence, assurance, trust, reliance: all our synonyms.

If you don’t have these things, can you ever really achieve your full potential in anything?

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Jack Johnson’s song illustrates a good point. That even when the odds are against us, we can still try to make a difference. I like to think of the battle between good and evil. It seems that satan is winning, yet the righteous still fight his unrelenting task to destroy them.

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