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Tim got his priorities mixed up on The Apprentice

“I’m a fool for getting involved with someone during a job interview!” said Tim as he rode off in the infamous “You’re Fired” car on The Apprentice tonight. Too bad he had to get fired to realize this.  Now he’ll lose on both ends: the job and the girl.  I just finished watching Tim make a weak case about his loyalty.  No matter how hard he tried to plead his case, it wasn’t getting him anywhere. The bottom line is, he made a huge mistake by not staying focused on the task at hand: becoming the next Apprentice.

Tim at one time had this to say: “I should be the next Apprentice because I have always welcomed a massive challenge, and I approach everything I take on with passion and energy.” (source)  It seems like his “passion and energy” shouldn’t have been directed so much on Nicole.

I’ve learned through the school of hard knocks that there is a time for everything.  Priotizing is so important.  If you get involved in too many things all at once, chances are that you won’t excel at any of them.  Such was the case with poor Tim: he tried to “multi-task” and ended up losing it all.  Better luck next time! Hope we learn from his mistake.

Here’s a couple questions to think/comment about: should love always be the top priority and take precidence over everything else?  If Tim and Nicole end up getting married, was it worth it for him to do what he did?

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I agree that Tim shouldn’t mixed “business with romance” on his job interview to be the next Apprentice. Yet, I felt that Mr. Trump contradicted himself last week and showed more sympathy toward Nicole than Tim in this whole mess, which was surprising.
Last week, Mr. Trump said to Nicole that Tim should have stepped up to the plate for her and fought for her to stay on his team, before she got booted to the other team. He said all this to Nicole in the board room, before he fired Angela.
Yet, the following week Mr. Trump changed his tune and he and Ivanka lit into Tim for not being professional and focusing too much on the romance with Nicole instead of trying to become the next Apprentice. But in not making waves about Nicole’s leaving the team, wasn’t he trying to maintain a professional attitude? Wouldn’t it have gotten too personal if he’d made a stink to try and keep her on his team? It seems to me like the poor guy couldn’t win.
Also, it’s interesting how Nicole came up with the bad idea of “girls on rollerskates” to sell those tickets to the theme park, yet Angela got fired as the project manager. Yet, the following week, the project manager was spared and Tim got booted off for coming up with a lousy idea for the breath freshener campaign.
Mr. Trump, you’ve got to be more consistent here.

Tim’s 3 former teamates were strategic geniuses in the boardroom. The boardroom is all about making the other guy sweat by talking himself into a corner. The project manager James (I think that was his name) started off by telling Mr. Trump, Tim was distracted and that’s what cost the team the victory! Then the only time they talked again was to defend themselves with 15 second elevator speechs about their qualities and Tim’s distractions; in addition, they didn’t pipe in and say something stupid right as the Donald was about to fire Tim. How many times have we seen people been about to be fired, when some dork who doesn’t know when to shutup, pipes in with some dumb comment that gets them fired instead.

Keys to boardroom success: Call the attention to someone’s weakness and keep reiterating it and only give 15 second elevator speechs about yourself when called upon AND most importantly when the momentum shifts towards someone else, keep your pie-hole shut!

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