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Diet Sodas…Do they make you fat?

Interesting question, isn’t it? Many soda manufacturers promote the fact that this soda has 0 calories. So what? Does that mean people that drink 0 calorie colas are going to be ok? Studies show otherwise:

As we can see, advertising can not always be what it seems. I found a product review of Cola vs. Diet Cola that sums it up nicely:

Artificial is accused of being worse for you than natural. Guilty as charged. Although regular soda has more calories and carbohydrates, diet soda contains more caffeine and because it contains aspartame it can sometimes trigger seizures, dizziness, migraines, and other negative effects. A good alternative to both is water. If you can, try to limit sodas to special occasions.

Like the song says by the Wiggles, “Drink, Drink, Drink Water…it’s so good for you!”

Here’s another video that shows proof that yes, diet soda DOES increase the risk of obesity:

9 replies on “Diet Sodas…Do they make you fat?”

Crazy. My overweight roommate from last year switched to diet when she realized she was drinking around 32 oz a day; yeah, good move on her part. Just eat/drink naturally!! Your body will thank you (instead of retaliating and destroying you).

Compelling! I’m still not jumping on the juicewagon, but I will say that certainly, diet soda is not “good” for you. Way to back yourself up with some authority/research.

I don’t buy it. If someone who eats healthy drank regular coke instead of diet, they would gain more weight. The people drinking diet are probably making a lot more poor eating choices altogether. I’m the type of person who has a diet coke every now and then over a regular coke. I prefer the taste. I doubt people like me were included in the study.

@Nisha The Nutri-Sweet is the problem. I do agree that, because people think they’re “fine” by drinking diet, they tend to eat more. Fun conversation nonetheless! Thanks for the comment!

I have heard many times that drinking any soda with a meal, diet or not, will result in people eating an average of 150 extra calories in food that they wouldn’t have eaten if they drank water with the meal. Something about the chemicals in soda. Also they say if you have a diet soda, your body expects calories from something sweet so if it doesn’t get calories you’ll end up with more cravings. I’m a soda lover but it’s bad in all forms unless it’s in moderation…much like all good things =)

@Pam Great reply! I agree that soda, diet or not, can never be better than good old fashion water. So do you think Diet Soda companies are using the 0 calorie pitch as a form of false advertising? That in actuality the “0” calories adds to the calorie intake of consumers?

Thanks for the comment!

Soda or anything carbonated is not good for you. It creates excess gas, and weight gain. Do a test yourself. For one week cut out all carbonated beverages, you don’t have to diet with no sugar just cut out the carbonation. You will really be amazed.

I drink Diet Coke maybe once a week; just 1 can. I don’t drink any other soda, only water and milk, so I feel fine about it. I’ve been trying to get my mom to stop drinking diet soda for years–she probably drinks 40oz+ a day! It will be the death of her, but she says she’ll die happy.

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