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When were you last cached?

After making the post about PageRank yesterday, I decided to read a little more in to the value of PageRank versus when you were last cached. Not to my surprise, SEO Blog has a great point: PageRank isn’t quite as important as it used to be…or maybe better said – Cache Date is the New Google Page Rank. As Aaron Wall mentioned:

What Google frequently visits (and spends significant resources to keep updated) is what they consider important.

How do we get cached more often? Revise content, add new content, help Google see that we are providing valuable information all the time. I’ve been watching my blog since I started making posts and it is cached so much more frequently than my older, higher page ranked clogging shoes website. I’m sure that’s primarily because I don’t change the home or sub-pages very often on that site. In contrast, with my blog, the consistency is there: new posts are made almost every day, the content stays true to a general idea or theme, and I make it a point to give credit where credit is due with anchor links to viable sources.

Running a website, or multiple websites, is definitely not a “turn key”, sit back and watch the money role in business. Like anything, it takes hard work, well thought out plans, and action. If we want to increase the frequency that Google caches our site, we better get our butts in gear! Jim Boykin offers a free tool to check the cache date of your web pages.

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I agree completely. While it is still nice to see that your PR is going up (mainly because some still use it as a requirement) it is even more important to be regularly cached. I’m planning to try and get some super bowl related traffic tomorrow and the only way that is ever going to happen is if I can get it cached, and quick. We’ll see how it goes, but you are right. Cache is king 🙂

As an update to my previous comment here I did manage to get some traffic during and after the superbowl all based on being cached regularly. cache is king on the internet!

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