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What’s your PageRank?

I know, some may say that PageRank isn’t that important anymore. However, I still think it’s a great indicator of Google credibility. For this reason you should check out this cool tool:

Let me know what your PageRank is!

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PR 2. Sometimes. It may be low, but WILL be moving up soon. I feel page rank is important, because it shows that you’re site is being added to new places, and more people have the ability to find you. Without that no one would be able to start a small online business.

Thanks for the link. It’s nice to be able to check multiple sites like that really quickly. It looks like, of the sites I’m actively working on I have a PR 5, three PR 3, a PR 2 and one still back at zero.


I’ve been wondering why some say page rank isn’t really that important. I’ve seen a blog of mine go from a 4 to a 3 and yet, my stats show that I get hundreds more visitors daily than when I was a 4. What do you think about that?


I think Page Rank is still good to be aware of, but it’s not necessarily an indicator of Google placement for keywords nor an indicator of traffic (your site being a perfect example). The goal is to continue to get links on other credible (high page rank) sites in your industry. This will help you move up the charts in Google Placement.

Hope this helps and answers your question. Keep the comments coming!

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