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Beware of Greed!

I think Jim Westergren said it best:

Don’t make a web site to make money, make a web site to the benefit and help to your visitors and you will see that the money will come.

This is hard for many people, including me. We want to see ROI sooner than later, especially after investing time, money and effort in to such big projects. However, if we give people what they want – good, quality information and products, “…the money will come.”

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Well put. One of my most successful and also now most lucrative sites was initially based on just offering helpful information and keeping the visitor the #1 priority.

I definitely agree. My site makes a heck of a lot more money than it did one year ago, and I think it’s for 2 reasons. One is the natural SEO tactics you taught me (thank you, thank you, thank you!). The other is, quite frankly, I am really good at customer service now! By going a little above and beyond what a potential client asks, I find that I often make the sale, even if it is a few weeks later.
Although I love making money, I have been careful not to be greedy and I think it is paying off for me. Good topic Nate!

Hey Lisa! Customer service (aka being nice to people) is so key to success! There’s a great book called “Raving Fans” by Ken Blanchard that talks all about “delivering plus 1 service”. You should check it out if you haven’t already. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you a copy.

Just remember, it’s gotta be a WIN/WIN – you can’t just give away your shirt and expect to stay in business – there’s got to be a balance. It’s great to see you again and here about your success!

My client is a website developer, and he constantly reminds me that he is there to implement the vision of his clients. His favorite saying is “the customer is always right,” and than adds, “even when they aren’t.” I think the advice you give in this article can be applied to just about anything in life. Do things because you enjoy it, it is the right thing to do, or you are moved for some other reason. When you expect anything in return, especially money, you will only be let down.

Great comment Jennifer! I have a hard time saying that the “customer is always right”. 🙂 I know you have to always keep the “win/win” attitude in mind if you want to succeed.

To me, one of the keys to success in business is to help the customer see how what you have to offer is right. It’s much easier to do this if you really believe in what you’re doing and love it. I love helping my clients SEE RESULTS with their new online businesses and really believe that ANYONE can succeed if they are committed and willing to put in the work required.

Thanks for your comments!

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