Exclusive Interview – Muhammad Saleem the Social Media Maven

Muhammad SaleemMuhammad Saleem, the Social Media Maven, tells listeners tips on using social media effectively. (Follow Muhammad on Twitter)

Special thanks to Muhammad Saleem for his input and time to tell us all about basic Social Media tips.

5 Basic Social Media Steps anyone can use:

  1. Building Relationships
  2. Being a part of a community
  3. Understanding the dynamics of different communities
  4. Sharing the right kind of content
  5. Voting and commenting on other peoples content

Social Media Manual: 10 Steps to take to become the Next Social Media Maven

Why Do you love Social Media?

The community aspects: you become a part of the whole process of submitting, voting, commenting, engaging and being a part of the process of opinion on things you’re interested in or passionate about.
3 Tips for Beginning to Intermediate Social Media Marketers

  • Understand the community before you start participating: what the age demographic is, what stories are popular, avoid mistakes
  • Build relationships with other visitors: talk to people, IM, comment on their stories, bookmark their stuff
  • Make sure your main goal is to not just promote yourself: create value for the community by submitting other peoples stuff, vote and comment on other peoples stuff, be part of the community, share content from other people to create value that doesn’t come directly back to you – it’s more than just scratching one another’s back – it’s bigger than that

How does effective SMO influence a website’s presence?

  • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic: 10s of Thousands of Unique vistors, thousands of page views on a post
  • Building links: hundreds to thousands of links – the more links you have, the higher you get ranked in search, which makes long-term organic traffic from search engines.

“Too many people that are Expecting Value without Creating Value.”

Thanks again for your information Muhammad. Stay tuned for more podcasting at MollerMarketing.com.

“Social Media Maven” Muhammad Saleem Interview Tomorrow!

Muhammad SaleemStay tuned…tomorrow I will be posting an interview with the “Social Media Maven” Muhammad Saleem.  He is one of the Top Diggers, Top Stumblers, and basically Top Social Media Gurus in the industry.  In the interview we talk about what beginners should know about Social Media Marketing for their websites.  Muhammad gives his advice on which social media tools to use,  he talks about strategy, and much more.

msaleem avatarHere are some other bits of information from his resume:

present experience:

author, copyblogger.com, may 2007 – present
-copywriting tips for online marketing success (statistics)

author, pronetadvertising.com, january 2007 – present
editor, pronetadvertising.com, march 2007 – present
-social media news and marketing (statistics)

author, newassignment.net, november 2006 – present
-open-source reporting gets tested

netscape navigator, netscape.com, august 2006 – present
-professional social bookmarking

past experience:

author, 901am.com, december 2006 – april 2007
-new media news every morning (statistics)

author, themulife.com, september 2006 – january 2007
-experience social media, minus all the static

author, blogherald.com, november 2006 – december 2006
-the premium source for blogging news and commentary (statistics)


the university of chicago, chicago, il., a.b. in economics, june 9, 2007

Building an Online Business is Rule-Free!

Breaking all the rules!

I found this really cool picture while doing my daily Stumbling. If you haven’t already, I recommend you set up a StumbleUpon account and use it to build your online reputation. One thing I’m attempting to do more of is find cool stuff like this that can help my clients realize that building a business is fun, it’s exciting, and there are NO RULES on how it has to be done. Just because your friend, family member, or whoever says it can’t be done doesn’t mean they’re right.

As I think back to the first few days, weeks, and months of my dance bags and clogging shoes website, I remember some of the initial reactions I received about my ideas: “A clogging and dance website – how you going to make money with that?” or “No one’s going to buy shoes online without trying them on first.” or “What’s clogging?” This could have really had an effect on my decision but thank goodness it didn’t or I wouldn’t be sitting here at 11:50 p.m.

The best part about getting negative feedback like that to me is thinking: “I’ll prove you ALL wrong – watch me succeed!” I know certain people who doubted my ideas initially are now full of questions every time I see them – “When can you help me build my site? How’s ClogOn? What else do you have going on these days?” I just chuckle and remember how doubtful they were before. EXPECT SUCCESS!

The Beatles Hey Jude at a Whole New Level

This is the best thing I’ve seen on YouTube for a long time:

Are you using video to market your website? If you’re not, you’re really missing out. Although this video isn’t really marketing anything except a really cute and talented little singer, you can use video the same way to promote your products.

A video like this is the “viral” quality: it will get viewed and passed along to millions of people. Find a way to tie it (or a fun video like it) in to your marketing campaign and “viola” – you have traffic that you can’t even handle with tons of backlinks too.

Now go and do likewise 🙂

Viral Marketing | Using Pictures for Link Building

viral marketing

All started out pretty good….but…

marketing viral

Then she tasted that nasty toothpaste…

I’ve been reading a friends blog from time to time about viral marketing.  These two pictures made me think, “If I had a website and I was a Dentist, this would be a perfect viral marketing campaign to get people to come to my site and book mark the funny pictures…I could title the post – “Will your dentist make your kid do this?” or “Toothpaste that makes you twinge“.

I’m sure there are other directions you could head with these pictures but I think Mat’s viral marketing ideas and suggestions are contagious. Some may ask, “How can this really help my website?” Links, links, links! As we talk about social media marketing (saving articles and web pages to your favorites in StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and the like), a big part of viral marketing and SMO is encouraging people to add your pages to their favorites.  By doing this, you are creating links all over the internet that help Google and other search engines find you.  The more they find you on relevant sites, the better chance you have of moving up the charts for keywords you are using on your pages.  We don’t want to SPAM these sites, but creative strategies like this really do help build links and increases traffic.

What ideas are you testing?

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I just received an email from a good friend and former (or ongoing) client.  This is what it said:

I just went out and got 6 local businesses to let me look at their websites and make recommendations, in return they will give me ringing endorsements and testimonials so I can [get] started… I also posted on craigslist, I also applied for my local Rotary…Nate when I started I was shaking in my shoes! By the end of my trip down main street with my 6 yes and 2 no’s, I was singing!! I gave out my business cards to everyone and I now remember how good all this feels!! (bold added for emphasis)

Thanks again, I’ll keep you posted!

What can we learn from this email?  How can it relate to YOUR BUSINESS?  Why is having a positive attitude crucial to your business success? Is a positive attitude enough?

The point is, in order to see success in ANY endeavor, you have to learn to not let fear hold you back.  I recently read an article that said “Fear is the antithesis of faith.”  Faith is confidence; confidence is key.  The only way to gain confidence, in my opinion, is by making a few mistakes, learning from them, making adjustments, and then taking the “bull by the horns” and making it happen.

As you can see by the quote above, my friend was “shaking in her shoes”.  Like all of us when we do something new, she was nervous – afraid of the unknown.  What were people going to think?  What if they said no?  My answer to those questions…WHO CARES!  Nike’s “Just Do It!” slogan is so fitting for business owners.  You just have to step out, take a risk, and EXPECT SUCCESS!  Having a positive attitude, in and of itself, will not pay the bills – you have to TAKE ACTION and DO!

To make this post a bit more fun and to encourage readers to “step out and be heard”, MollerMarketing.com will be doing a drawing.  Anyone that makes a valid comment letting us know what you’ve done to “Step Out of Your Comfort Zone” will qualify for the following:

  • 2 Free Text Links on MollerMarketing.com (PR4 Website with High Traffic)
  • 1 Free SEO Review of your website.  (30 minutes via phone)

Look forward to hearing from you.