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5 Performance Goals All Bloggers Should Set

What are Performance Goals?

The John Deere explains performance goals:

performance goals[Performance goals help you] ensure you clearly understand what is expected of you.  You have the opportunity to learn how what you are doing contributes to your department, unit and ultimately [your online business].

Performance goals define your direct contributions that link to the achievement of business objectives.

Performance goals address the “what” element of your job or the achievements of your projects.

So, now that we all have a better understanding of performance goals, check this out:

5 Performance Goals All Bloggers (and Website Owners) Should Set:

  1. Reply to every comment on your blog: if you haven’t noticed lately, I’ve added a wp-plugin called the wp thread comment.  This plugin is a perfect way to create community with your blog.  As readers make comments, I can give feedback, answer questions, and be more involved.  Readers can get in to debates, form friendships, and even flat out disagree.  Now you may ask, “How does this really benefit your website?” Community = Loyalty, Loyalty = Positive Word of Mouth Advertisting, Positive Word of Mouth Advertising = Increased Traffic, Increased Traffic = More Sales and More Money (The Outcome Goal most of us want!) So, set a goal today to Reply to every comment on your blog.
  2. Reply to every email: Gary V recommended this at Blog World Expo 2008.  Why? Again, Community!  People – potential customers, current customers, friends, etc. – don’t “care how much you know until they know how much you care” 🙂  Now that’s cheesy, but it’s true!  If I blow off emails left and right, what kind of confidence am I creating for my clients?  Even if the response is, “I’m really busy right now, let’s plan a time when we can talk or get back in touch…” – that is at least acknowledging that the person is important to you.  Now start today and Reply to every email! (hopefully some of the people I manage will read this and take it to heart too LOL)
  3. Blog about your passion: I’ve talked about this a lot lately; my passion is being revealed by my increased consistency in blogging about how to start an online business.  Passion is key to your success with this endeavor!

    Passion is the underlying force that fuels our strongest emotions. It is the intensity we feel when we engage in activities that interest us deeply. It fills us with energy and enables us to perform at our peak. Just as people can be guided and inspired by their personal passions, so can organizations be driven and defined by their collective passions. Organizations that are driven by the collective passion of their associates reap those same rewards. (source)

  4. Pick 5+ blogs within your industry that you read religiously: Educate yourself in your industry.  You may think you know all there is to know.  YOU’RE WRONG!  The best people I’ve listened to and read information from are sponges – they are always networking, talking to others, asking questions, and learning because they know, in order to stay at the top of their game, they have to do more and be more than their competitors.  If not, they’ll get passed up pretty quickly.  Find some blogs you like, subscribe to their email list, and study their success!  Then use that success to form your own patterns.
  5. Make valid, thought provoking comments on these blogs: Reading just isn’t enough! You have to get involved in your industry; this is one limitless way to do that.  Make good comments on the blogs you’re reading.  Don’t be afraid to disagree.  Ask direct questions.  Share your experience.  Basically what you are doing here is tapping in to an already established database of your target audience.  You’re also building your name, brand and credibility.  One of the best things I’ve done for the MollerMarketing Blog was to interview Jeremy Schoemaker.  Our interview was published on his blog and boy have my traffic numbers gone up since then! At times you’ll have to break your fears – you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone; but those are the times that separate the “serious from the curious”.

There you have it – 5 Performance Goals All Bloggers Should Set!  Thoughts and comments welcome…

33 replies on “5 Performance Goals All Bloggers Should Set”

Hey Nate, excellent tips! my favorite is #1…lol, i should have looked for links better when i messaged you via stumbleupon. i’ll definitely be taking a look at that plugin!

No problem James. That’s another reason I love SU. It’s so easy to communicate back and forth. Let me know if you have further questions about the plugin. I’ve changed the actual automated email some: there are spelling errors and grammatical issues in the standard one.

something that i need to do is find a few blogs in the industry to subscribe too and read them all the time. great post.

Great input Nate. It is so important to have those little pointers when you get started blogging. it would suck to find out the hard way on some of that advice you shared. keep it up. great stuff.

Wow, I didn’t realize there is that much to blogging. I’m going to look into Bay Area Equestrian Network and see if I can find some blogs to read and get insight into other people’s view points.

Thanks Nate,
Jeanie and Jesse

Nate those are some really great goals. I’ve got to admit that I need to improve on at least 3 of them. I do blog about my passion but I must do a better job in replying to my emails and reader comments.

Thanks for the inspiration to be a better blogger.


I’ve found that, in just responding to comments, I’ve increased traffic and readers by quite a bit. Now that may not be your goal, but to me, if you don’t have traffic and readers, what IS the purpose of your blog? 🙂

Thanks for the comment Steve!

It’s funny after I posted my comment here I went back to my site and responded to a few comments that I had neglected before.

Most people who comment are bloggers or site owners themselves. I found a couple of really good sites just now by following their commenter link.

Thanks again

Thanks Nate

This is all so good. Just now I am trying to think of some people that I could interview who have a voice in my industry that could draw some attention. Thanks for the advice.

The best place to start is by going to forums, other blogs, and people you know locally that may have good things to say about what you are writing about. Focus on business too that would potentially be advertisers.

Keep me posted.

You mention to reply to every comment, and I’m wondering if that still holds true if you have many dozens of comments on a daily basis. It’s wishful thinking still at this early point in my blogging career, but I can imagine that I’d be spending a good deal of time every day writing comments to comments if they start to build and produce a lot of feedback.

Great direction, again, Nate. I can see where I have ‘dropped the ball’ so to speak – I have had several website – and shared but did not keep in touch – ouch! I was pouring out without any channels to connect and without connections there is really no direction which equals = ZERO. Oh well, I’m gettin’ up, dustin’ off and gettin’ right this time, thanks to you!!

So-o-o-o-o much great material to read and so little time to get to it.

Nate, what do ya do when your site takes off and you start getting tons of communications? Do you outsource parts of your site and focus on your posts and responses?

What if the numbers grow into hundreds or thousands as we hope?

What then Horatio? 🙂

Whoa… There is sooo much to do and think about. This aritcle is really pushing me out of my box. And what a huge box I’m in. Great info

Well laid-out and explained Nate!

For a new website owner that doesn’t know the significance of blogging for their business; this is a perfect introduction for them to get a good understanding and appreciation for it.

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