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Gary Vaynerchuk Idea – Do a Show!

Talk about doing something you love to do…Gary Vaynerchuk shares his vision about doing what you love to do and making millions with it! Video marketing is something Gary has used to really “spread the word” about everything he does.

Watch the Video!

Make starting an online business fun by doing what you love to do!

How to make money doing it:

Sponsorship Ads! As you get more following, you now have great targeted traffic.

Affiliate Campaigns: Work with eBay, use an affiliate link to the auction for that card, etc.

This is fun, you can have friends who you interview, you can invite players or up-and-coming players.

Mix passion, business and fun ideas!

4 replies on “Gary Vaynerchuk Idea – Do a Show!”

I was one of those kids that biked almost everyday to the local comic store to buy baseball cards! Such a fun idea! My little brother would be better though at calling up the sports talk. This video seriously put a fire under my butt to get something going!

I know – this is awesome. The more I’m in online marketing, the more I believe that if you do what you love to do, the money will come.

The worst thing to do is chase the hottest trend or fad. First off, you know nothing about it and second, when it doesn’t work as you hoped you’ll jump to the next “hot” product or idea.

Thanks for the comment!

I can see where incorporating video onto my site is a great idea and I have already thought of something I would try. This guy was PAINFUL! I couldn’t even listen to his whole message. I guess I am not his target audience.

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