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Starting an Online Business vs Working for Someone Else

I’ve got to quit my job and focus on my business full time…

I’ll be so much happier when I can just work from home and not have a JOB…

gary-vaynerchuk-moller-marketingAre you saying these things?

Is working for someone else a means to an end?

Would you rather be “Free” to do what you want when you want?

First off, welcome to reality!  Running a business, both on or off-line, is HARD WORK!  The best most profitable businesses took time, dedication, and WORK, WORK, WORK before they ever made money.

Granted, some ideas can get your there quicker than others, but the bottom line is, you have to pay your dues to succeed in anything.

I met Gary Vaynerchuk at Blog World Expo 2008 and he’s confirmed what I believed all along:

Success comes to those who are ready for it.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients for the last 3 years.  Many of them want to walk away from their jobs and run a successful online business.  Some of them have.  Others have simply given up or quit when they realized that running their own business was actually, at times, more difficult than working for someone else.

The truth is, you can do both: run a small business and work for someone else.  In fact, especially at first, I think it’s important you don’t completely drop your day job.  The more pressure you put on yourself to provide for your family with just your “Dream Job”, the less likely you’re mind will be clear and the less likely you’ll achieve your overall objectives.

Here’s what Gary has to say about working for someone else and running their own business:

Comments welcome. How does this idea effect your mindset for starting an online business?

5 replies on “Starting an Online Business vs Working for Someone Else”

Great post Nate. I’ve been workin’ my tail off on a job and two biz the past year. It’s serious business, no joke about no sleep… Now that I’m able to fully commit to my biz, things are taking off. I’ve accomplished in a week, what used to take me a month. The fact is, that without working all nights and weekends, I wouldn’t be where I am today and able to focus 100% on my biz.

I actually posted a great quote that’s inspired me, a friend gave it to me last year on a plaque and I blogged about it last night…


Nice write up. It is funny that people will always think the grass is greener on the other side. I do work for myself and thoroughly enjoy it, but I am the first to admit that I work a lot more now than I did when working for the man. I prefer calling the shots, choosing the hours, and running the show, but there is nothing LAZY about working for yourself. You simply have more motivation, and therefore the hours tend to “pass more quickly.”


Nice piece. Working for yourself definitely has it’s rewards. I recommend to anyone looking to make the switch to not give up their day job until they absolutely have too. And, then, I would still recommend getting something part time while they work their own business full-time. I see too many people jump in ill-prepared and not last (even though they had great intentions and were full of passion) because they simply ran out of money before they could get the business up and running.

Always great to read your material. Thanks Nate!

Bradley Bowden, CEO
Green Shield International

You said it perfectly! Passion is one of the components of running a successful business – you have to love what you’re doing, BUT, if you go in to it full bore and then things don’t work out as quick as you’d like, the stress and pressure can cause that passion to leave pretty quick.

Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint!

Thanks for the comment Bradley.

Great mind set, but you have to be careful with your family life. Example: I am married with 2 kids,I have 1 full time job 12hr shifts,1 job every other week 12hr shift,Trying to run a business. The last comment on the tape is very important. Do not neglect your family or you might find yourself alone,with a business. Juggling days off with my wife,1 child in football, just received 14 yearold from the Ex.,both need help with homework every night, time with wife,and household everything. Not a 9 to 5 here. “Tons of Work”.

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