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Wow! If you haven’t ever heard of or used, you are definitely missing out. I’m actually a rookie at Craigslist but so far am 1 for 1 in success. Just recently my wife and I finished building a home in Spanish Fork, Utah. We had debated back and forth about how to advertise our condo: did we want to sell or hold as a rental. Finally, after going back and forth, we decided to do a “creative” marketing strategy: we listed our condo on for FREE. Within a few hours we received 5 calls from local people who wanted to check it out. It was amazing response. More shocking than that was that our neighbors, who were also in the market for selling their condo, spent over $200 and it’s debateable whether or not they really had the response they “paid” for.

Since then, I’ve had two clients see similar successful results with craigslist. Here’s one of the Success Stories:

“Thank you for your recommendation to try Craigslist. We had an old truck that we had been trying to sell off and on for the last year. We put it out in the yard with a “For Sale” sign and also took an ad out in the local paper but had no success. After your suggestion to try Craigslist, we decided to give it a try, especially since it didn’t cost us anything to post it. We posted the truck on Monday night for $600 and within an hour and a half the first call came in and about an hour later another call. On Tuesday afternoon we sold the truck for $500, which is what we were hoping to get. So, within 24 hours we sold the truck and had received at least 7 phone calls and 4 e-mails. We sold the truck just as another buyer was pulling into the driveway. We highly recommend using Craigslist for anything you want or need to sell. We have already recommended it to several people.

Thanks again,

Mike and Kim H.

What experience have you had with Craigslist?


Here is some valuable information that may help for those that are interested:

Q: How much traffic does craigslist get?
A: More than 7 billion page views per month

Q: How does that compare with other english-language sites?
A: craigslist is #7, behind yahoo, aol, microsoft, google, ebay, and news corp

Q: How many people use craigslist?
A: More than 20 million each month

Q: How does craigslist support its operations?
A: By charging below-market fees for job ads in 7 cities and for broker apartment listings in NYC.


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I’ll definitely check this out! I’ve looked it over before, but never with the idea of selling anything on there–I only looked because when my daughter moved, that’s where she found the townhouse she has now. So I went there to see the description.

I’m off to look through there right now!

We haven’t had success with Craig’s List, yet. We listed a large bird cage and a rolling bird perch for a Macaw at a total of about $300.00. We received a phone call from an interested person right away. She was going to come look at it, but changed her mind to get a smaller cage. We have not received any calls since then, and that was almost 2 weeks ago. Also, we noticed that many of the pictures are not loading properly on Craig’s List. Sometimes the photos are there and sometimes they’re not. We’ve had much more success with eBay, where we have sold 5 out of 7 items listed for a total of about $450 in our first month.

I’ve heard about Craig’s List, but never saw it. I’m excited about the possibilities. I think I like the fact that it’s not an auction, which I haven’t had much luck with, so far. Anyway, thanks for the lead. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I have no website yet. I did check out and I am amazed at what I saw; I will be selling on very soon. Thanks!

Funny thing…My brother-in-law’s name is Craig and he is really big into eBay. He would constantly tell me to “look into Craig’s List”. I just thought he was big on himself…So, last week I found out that Craig doesn’t have a list, and he was actually referring me to “Craig’s List”! Made me laugh at myself!!! Is Craig’s List mostly for really large items (cars, homes)? Or, is it a version of eBay?
Thanks for the info!

Hi Nate,

I want to tell you that I sold for my father a car on, only 2 days after putting the ad in. He got $2000 for it.
This is in Sydney, where there are only approx 2800 ads altogether.
I have not heard of anyone here who has heard of Craiglist, except for people attending the same seminar
by an American.
I had 2 emails responses, & he had one by phone.
I had 3 responses – the woman who bought it, another enquiring of the condition, & one that didn’t seem quite right.
SO beware there may be scammers.
I received several emails from this person, not wanting to look at it, which was odd since it is not a new car. This is one of the emails:-

“thanks for the maill i am glad you replyed so i will like to tell you that our campany is in need of the car so we need it very urgent for our new staff as an official car so we will like to make the payment for the car by by via check it is safe and secure all you need for is to take it to the bank and cash it is has no stress in it and does not take long before you cash your money ansd it is a company check so we need your name and address so the check can be issued out as soon as possible.we are ready to pay you cause we need the car and we are ready for all expansesso fer the car will be sold to us moreso we are assuring you that you will enjoy doing business with us
regards Ben”

I asked several times if he wanted to look at it, but he didn’t seem to want to. Did he just want my address for some reason?

It was an interesting experience getting results so quickly.
Now I am going to try to sell a car for my brother -much more expensive so we’ll see what happens.

I had heard of Craigslist, but had never before visited the site. Setting up the start page to view offers in my area was quick and easy. I was soon scouring the vast selection of offers. It’s easy to see the potential of this site. The first thing that struck me was how this can easily appeal to the need for instant gratification to which most of us have become accustomed. Local buyers can schedule physical inspection of an item that grabs their interest. If the inspection is agreeable the item can be purchased and the buyer can take immediate possession. No waiting for it to ship.

Another obvious benefit is its use in identifying products buyers are searching for. Another marketing tool! Thanks for the tip, Nate. You can bet I will be a more frequent visitor.

I have not tried to use Craig’s list very much but do see the potential there. I did not realize how big it is in regards to the amount of people who use it.

We have never before heard of Craig’s List, but it looked very interesting.

I a let a friend know about this website, for she is selling her house and hopefully it will help her.

Also Timothy has looked into a job listed for our local area.

We will let you know the outcome.

Thanks for the information.

I have used Craig’s list before with purchases being made. Now will be my opportunity to make money by selling items using that market arena also.

We listed our piano on Craig’s list local. We have had a few inquirys but it hasn’t sold yet. I listed with the local newspaper to sell the piano and didn’t get any inquires.

I’ve just listed 2 items on Craig’s list. The best part is there is no listing fees and it is very easy. I’ll check back after they are sold and let you know the rest of my experience. So far so good!

I have used Craigs list to advertise rental property. At the same time I ran a local ad in the paper for $150. Craigs list resulted in nearly double the responses, and we rented the property to a family from that listing, all for free. Next time I won’t even bother with the local paper! I am about to try listing some used childrens toys on Craigs list and hope for as good a response.

I have seen Craig’s List and reviewed items for sale but have never bought
or sold anything. My brother and a friend uses it all the time and they swear
by it. I enjoy going through the ads because it is easy to set up looking at ads from this area or nearby cities. I look forward to trying some sales
when I have some items to sell.

Craig’s list seems to have a wide viewing audience. I will give it a trial run in the near future.The list seems to be little known in Australia. No doubt it will spread like a brush fire as people find it is free to list items. Regards, Graham.

Just reviewing your site and reading others experiences with Craigs list.
Sounds like a site to use and look forward using it.


Thanks for the lead to Craig’s list. Neither of us had ever heard of it before and are excited about using it. We have an older Blazer we are putting on this weekend and will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again.

We have never used Craigslist but I do know of people who have. A lady I work with sold her house on craigslist and it faster than her neigbhor who was using an agent.
We are planning on trying it to see if we can get results too! I think it will be exciting to see the results. I didn’t realize it was so widely used.

Hello Nate,

Checked out Craig’s List and I think I bought a 4 drawer filing cabinet.
I needed one badly and this was a good deal.

Sent an email for the seller to call me back.


P.S. Thanks!

P.S.S. Part of Lesson 1… right?

Hi Nate,

I just looked at Craig’s List. I didn’t see everything, of course, but I looked at a lot of things that I would be interested in. This looks like a good way to list some of the things I have in the garage! I will get started on that as soon as possible.


Hi Nate,

I went out to Craig’s list and saw several things I was interested in buying. Not my first time out there, I shopped for Dallas Mavs tickets on there a couple of years back. Great site though, would use again if looking for a purchase.
Deb L.

Hey Nate,
Ive had several people recomend craigs list to me when I was searching for new rims for my truck. I’ll have to check it out for myself.

I had heard of Craig’s list page from my brother. He and his wife bought some furniture listed at the site.
I posted an item this morning and I already have an inquiry…not bad!

We hadn’t heard of Craiglist before but really enjoyed looking around the site. It doesn’t seem to be as well known here in Australia but we’re sure in time word will get around.The feedback sounds positive so we will list something on there and see how we go.

Craig’s List makes a lot of sense when compared to EBay for many items, but perhaps not for all. I like the idea of no fees, and no auction; however, some items may be best left to an auction.

I will try Craig’s list.

This is a good motivator to start selling some of those things I’ve been holding on to for too long. As soon as I get a chance I’m going to get the things sorted and listed!

As you suggested Nathan, I posted some items on Craigslist on Monday. I already received an email this morning from an interested buyer. It definately seems like it is a great place to sell, and with no hassle either.

Thanks for the info 🙂

I am going to try craigslist for my items for sale and see what happens.

In the long run, it will be better than ebay because there are no sellers fees.

Thanks for getting me to register Nat.

It’s interesting, I have known of Craig’s List and even browsed it a couple times but after reading this article I see that I missed so much of its potential. This website is definately a must see. Nothing hurts from trying.

I haven’t made any sales yet but looks like a great way to sell items locally without having to do a lot of shipping on eBay. Wish me luck!!

This article confirms what I heard on the conference call concerning Craig’s list. I am excited about listing my first six items, which I will be doing Saturday morning, Lord willing, as recommended.

I have only used Craigslist for services and promotion but it seems like a very valuable resource for people that have products to sell. I am also excited to learn about the Google relationship!

Thanks Nate – I am familiar with Craigslist and have used it to find interns when I was in the working world. The traffic is impressive and this could def. be an option for us in the future.

This means they were traceable by entering the ad. I can see where listing of real estate may not be a bad idea. I may recommend to my brother to put his house up for sale, as it’s been on the market for a year.

I would add that one must be very causious using this venue of trade, especially on a local level. You must always remember that you are dealing with ‘strangers’.

We are going to be putting our house on the market soon. It is a terrible time to sell a house so every way possible to get it viewed will be used. I am interest to use Craig’s list. I have success with the site for many other things. I have gotten scammed by the Nigerian scam artists, but that was my fault. Just be careful!!!

I thought I only had a couple of items to sell. As I have gone through my things to decide what to put on Craigs List I have discovered that I have more than I thought. Im really looking forward to start posting stuff !
I like that its FREE !
A great place for someone with a limited budjet to start selling online, or just just to get paid for getting rid of some of your things at home. And you don’t even have to pay for the advertising! WOW !

I have recently just learned about Criagslist. I am just getting into ecommerce and this has amzed the more I view it. I am definitely going to be using craigs list alot in the very near future.

I have used Craiglist to post employment ads for a previous employer. I had no idea they had a whole other area. We’ve taken our photo’s and the goal today is to write a description and place an ad over the weekend. They have made the process so easy. I will let you know the results. Thanks Nate!

No, Nate, I haven’t ever used Craigslist before, but before I go to bed tonight I plan to use it to sell something. At least I hope to get something listed for sale. I did sell 3 items out of 11 last week on ebay, so hopefully my success on CL will be better! Thanks for the article.

Congrats on the “Small Success!” with the eBay sales! I didn’t see thousands of sales up front either when I started with eBay. Craigslist is all about testing! If one thing isn’t getting you much response, try something else.

The best thing is that it’s FREE to TEST! It does take a bit of time but that time can really pay off.

Keep me posted on the sales!

My dad and I have been apprehensive about selling stuff on the internet. We weren’t sure how many people would be “shopping,” probably because we’ve bought very little online oursleves. But hearing all these success stories makes the site seem very promising.

I am headed out to the garage with a digital camera right now. We have loads of stuff out there collecting cobwebs.

Graigslist i have been using now for about 2 years now sold a lot of biker Apparel Helmets, Jackets, Vest and Novelty Helmets i place i big add.and guess what….i sold 500.00 with of Product thats cool…..thanks Nate

PS…….Having a BIG Biker Apparel sale 40% off all items on purchases over $100.00 1385 E.Nir Shreibman Blvd. LaVergne, TN. 37086 615-788-7521 David 8/28/10 Saturday only………700AM til 530pm…..

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