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Why is it important to Subscribe to a blog?

Have you ever seen this image:

Suscribe to

This is an RSS Feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. My new Twitter Friend Marek Wawrzyniak made a great post about getting more subscribers to your blog by making the RSS Feed image bigger. I think it’s a great idea and want to try it too. If you like what is said at Moller Marketing and want to stay up to date on new posts I make, simply click on the image and select Google Reader (that’s the one I use). Then when you go in to your Google Reader account, you will be able to see new posts I’ve made. Here’s what RSS means:

Click To Play

So, if you haven’t already, subscribe to email my feed and be updated on all the new stuff at can also enter your email address in the top left corner of this page and receive an email every time I make a new post.

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If I hadn’t already subscribed to your blog, it would have been fun to hit that BIG button up there.

Good post and video!

Ok, but I don’t even SEE your RSS symbol on your page — only in my toolbar.

oh wait….found it….it’s below the comments box?!

Lets just say that that kind of placement on a marketing site, on a post about gaining RSS readership doesn’t inspire confidence in your abilities

Hi Nate!

I’m a long-time reader and subscriber of Moller Marketing. I wanted to shoot an e-mail over to you to let you know what I’m up to – I thought you may be interested because I’ve leveraged many of the teachings from your blog in my new endeavor.

Myself and a friend, both undergrad students at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, have just launched a new online customer support company.

Our company is called ClixConnect. We offer an extremely innovative service for providing online customer support. What we do is basically offer outsourced live-chat service for peoples’ websites (using the little live-chat buttons you see on websites). The catch, however, is that website owners can respond to chat inquiries when they’re are available, and when they’re not available, someone from our call center will respond to inquiries on their behalf, 24/7/365. So it’s essentially a hybrid in-sourced/out-sourced model.

That’s half the innovation. The hugely innovative component of ClixConnect (and the part that for which we were truly inspired by your blog) is that we also have a new technology in our software which enables automated chat recommendations for customers, based upon the product they are viewing. So say someone is looking at a red t-shirt on a website, an automated chat window can appear recommending a blue pair of pants to them.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the insights on your blog have really helped us get to where we are today, and we sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks again!

Mitch Cohen

Hey Nate
Great post and thanks for the mention. This big orange sign did work for me and I hope it will work for your as well! 🙂 I borrowed this idea from Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land.


Hey Nate:

Great idea about making the RSS symbol larger and more visible. As soon as I figure out how to put my blog together, I’ll definitely use this idea.

I’ve seen these symbols on blogs before, but never knew what they were. As with most of the stuff I see, I have no clue.

I’m finding all this tech stuff to be about like putting a picture puzzle together in the dark while wearing gloves.


Hey Nate–

Mich Cohen’s post about his new chat thing — ClixConnect — sounds interesting. How do I get in touch with him about using it for my site. I think this would generate conversations and cause visitors to linger longer. This, in turn, could increase conversions and purchases. That’s my theory, anyhow.


I loved the video, very simple, creative and good info.

I really didn’t know much about RSS feeds before, so I never payed attention to the button or what it was for.

Now that I am learning about it, I am more interested.

It might be good to have a short explanation near the button for other folks like me explaining it.

-action- / -benefit-
“Click Here” ” Get my blog posts delivered to you automatically!”

(Plus – Before I subscribe to anything I want to know exactly what I am subscribing to.) It might help more people to think, hey! I want that.

… can’t wait to learn more.

I still feel so new to all this, hopefully it will all come together very soon for me. I appreciate all the Moller Marketing posts! They really do help me with technical issues! They also help incoming information to be more understandable! Thanks again Nate!

I’m right there with Holly, but even with the insite I get from what I am learning, it feels like I get 5% and the rest goes through the cracks. Some of this stuff makes me feel my age. ( I’m not really old, just feeling my age in internet knowledge!) There is sooo much to learn and it feels like to be successful, a short time to get it. I know that isn’t really true, but I want to excell in all areas as soon as possible!

Barb and Holly,

I know both of you can do this. The best thing about both of your sites is that you are doing something you really have interest in and know a lot about.

Like anything, as we get more involved we realize there is a lot more to it than we initially thought. This is the primary reason for the theme of Moller Marketing – “Small Success leads to Big Success!”

We have to be persistent and chip away at things little by little. Eventually things do start to happen, sometimes quicker than we really want or can even handle.

Keep the questions and comments coming!

Nate Moller

Amazing- i like the way he describes ‘old ways’ and ‘new ways’. The web is changing so fast. Great way to deliver the blog posts automatically. I have the buttons on my blog now.

Hi Nate,
Thanks for explaining RSS. I had seen the symbol, but didn’t know what it meant. I couldn’t get the audio on the video clip, but I did go ahead and subscribe to receive your posts. I’ll try again to view the video, maybe it will work better next time.


This little was great. Certainly broke things down for us newbies. Now that I have a blog I have to find others to subscribe to so they can link back to mine. Great info again, thank you!

Yes, all blogs do have the RSS option but some don’t show it very well. In the top right corner of the address bar you will see the RSS image. You can click on that and it will ask you which “reader” you want to subscribe with. I recommend Google Reader. If you can, email subscriptions work best though.


After relistening to your Social Media Elective Class, I came here to see the video tutorial on RSS. The video is not working today. When it’s live again, I would like to see it.


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