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How Much Do You Like

I’ve never ask this question before but feel it’s about time I get some constructive criticism from my readers.

So, what’s your answer?

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10 replies on “How Much Do You Like”

Moller Marketing is one of my go to places for information about how to run my internet business. I love the the Tuesday Tutorials– always great to read and most of it I can apply to my website. I like that you explain things in a way that’s easy to understand. A lot of internet marketing blogs are just too technical for me. I also love the fact that Nate responds to so many of the comments personally.
What would I like to see? Hmm, maybe you could do a tutorial about how to test your keyword research– I love that download, and I used it for all my web pages. But I would love to know what to do beyond using the spreadsheet 😉
I think it’s a great blog. Thanks for all you do and keep it coming!

Lisa is one of my best clients. When I wrote the article about 3 reasons why new internet business owners are successful, you were one I had in mind. You’re open minded and teachable, you’re persistent, and you have strong motivation to succeed!

I appreciate the feedback and hope you share this information with your friends! Let’s collect all our “Small Success” and build a “Big Success Network!”

Talk to you soon!

Will do – SEO here we come, although the trend I’m seeing is more about SMO in correlation with SEO. ie. Blogging for content, social bookmarking, guest posting, “going popular” on social networks, all of these things lead to links, viral posts, etc., which lead to higher SERPs.

Stay tune!

SEO = Search Engine Optimization
SMO = Social Media Optimization
SERPs = Search Engine Results Pages
LOL = Laugh out Loud 🙂

Nate, we love you man!!! Your thoughts are well recieved and I am sure many people are not responding or commenting on your blogs but i know they are using the information and its valuable. As i have said before, i have had tremendous success with the advise you have shared with me and my blog. Friends we shall be forever more.

Dear MollerMarketing: I can’t begin to tell you the thrill I receive each time I open yahoo and see one of your blogs posted. Many times it is the highlight of my day. Most of them I will read two or three times. A few I delete immediately because I am too busy to bother with them but those moments are rare and depend upon my tee time.

I appreciate and respect your efforts. I probably will not be aggressively involved in any internet or online business ventures but I did get a reply to a Craig’s list posting once so you never know. So as far as how much I like blogs I am perfectly content with things exactly the way they are. Real Estate Dave from Idaho

An uplifting and inspiring comment…I can sense this coming summer is going to be great for me on the golf course – beware!

I’m glad to hear that you got a response on the Craigslist Listing. Make sure you follow the advice you received today and re-list every week or so to keep your listing at the top of the Craigslist listings.

Talk to you soon!

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