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Keyword Research – A Step by Step Guide (Video)

Is keyword research really THAT important for an online business?

Can’t I just skip that step and start making money right away?

Keyword research just seems like a waste of time…

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the last 4 years as a mentor at Prosper, Inc. and have heard variations of these EXACT statements over and over again.

The best response I have is this:

The clients who understand keyword research are 9 times out of 10 the SAME clients who make lots of money with their new online businesses.

No matter what type of online business you decide to start, keyword research will be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

To help you understand the step by steps, I’ve put together a short 5 minute video to share with you some of the basics of effective keyword research.


10 Steps to Effective Keyword Research

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type in products that you would like to get access to and sell online (start generic)

Step 3: Look for Buyer Phrases – keywords that most likely mean the person is looking to BUY what you’re offering

Step 4: As you look at different keyword ideas, record the phrase and number of searches done per month (Global Monthly Search Volume) in the Google Docs Spreadsheet we’ve created

Step 5: The target number is above 1,000 – know that if the demand is REALLY HIGH, most likely the competition will be high too

Step 6: Once you’ve found phrases that meet the demand criteria, open up another window, go to Google, and type in allintitle:”the keyword phrase” and hit enter

Step 7: Note in the Google Docs spreadsheet what the number of sites is that shows up (ie. 1 in 10 of 48,000)

Step 8: The target number for competition is 30,000 or less (actually the lower the better)

Step 9: Record the numbers in the spreadsheet

Step 10: You’re well on your way to being an internet entrepreneur!

Keyword Research is the CORE of effective online marketing.

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17 replies on “Keyword Research – A Step by Step Guide (Video)”

Thank you Nate for the comprehensive video for keyword research, as well the Commission Junction piece was good too.

Nate, congrats on the NY win. I am currently enrolled in the Proper Coaching and have watched my of your elective classes. I enjoy them. I need more hours in the day. 🙂

My question on this post is; Ratio wise what are you looking for?


Hello Albert!

As far as a specific number, I don’t really look for one other than the HIGHER the BETTER as long as the other numbers meet the criteria.

Hope this helps! Talk to you soon. Glad you like the Elective Classes. Make sure to say hello next time you’re on one.

Nate: Great review of info. Trying to get back on my feet. Been down as we discussed late Dec. Trying to find the spreadsheet and where I saved it. Don’t tell me… I’m sure I’ll find it… hopefully sooner than later. Thanks for this article and the timely review. Talk soon.

Hi Nate!

I’m a newbie in this whole keyword posting and research. Your step-by-step video was very helpful. I’ve recorded and completed my first spreadsheet listing but I’m not sure what the next step is. Do I continue to list keywords and keep the process going? How is this being tracked and who else is keeping track of what I’m doing?

I’m very new to keyword search I will go from doing my spreedsheet to following the other instruction wish me well. I looking forward to really doing my very best with your help. Thanks for all your informative information.

Hi Nate

I’m trying to figure out the best way to inport my keyword phrase search criteria into the spreadheet. Do I do it manually or copy/paste?

Hi Nate,
The video helps with the keyword search but I’m new to this, so I’ts taking me much longer to understand. The only thing I don’t like, is the fact you can’t copy and paste the search . I still can’t figure out the competition and ratio but I’m still trying wish me luck .

You should be able to copy and paste some of the info.

As far as the competition, go to Google, type in allintitle:”the keyword phrase that you’ve done demand research on” and then hit enter. You’ll get results based on all the websites Google finds that have that EXACT PHRASE in the title of their page (the title is what you click on in Google to go to the specific page). The reason this is helpful to narrow down competition is because this is how you find who you’ll be competing with directly to get to the top of search engine results for that phrase.

The ratio is Demand divided by Competition and then put in to a percent. This is used mainly to “sort” all the phrases and to see which ones are the “best” based on Demand and Competition results. Just because a keyword phrase has super high demand doesn’t mean it will be the best to focus on initially.

Hope this clarifies a bit more.

Thanks for the comment and questions!

Thanks for the video. It was very informative. Should you not be concerned that there seems to be lots of people advertising the same thing you are or is competition good in this case.

Competition is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just a matter of finding niches within the industries you’re targeting. Lots of people sell shoes, but clogging shoes is a niche I’ve been able to tap into without tons of “online competition”.

Let me know if you have additional questions and thanks for the comment.

Thanks Nate for that insite and hope to learn more and more each time I watch the video’s you guy’s post for us and the reading as well. It’s all helpful.

One other website at the moment as well…

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