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4 Main Reasons People Don’t Reach Their Potential

Are you meeting your potential with your new online business?

What are things you’ve done TODAY to make a sale on or off line?

Are you where you want to be with your start-up? Why or why not?

These are all questions I’ve considered many times, both for my own businesses and for the clients I’ve worked with over the last 4 years.

meeting-your-potential-with-an-online-businessOn a recent business trip I was reading a magazine and found some tips that I thought really applied to running a successful online business. The article I read talked about why people don’t reach their potential.

I’ve picked out 4 of the main reasons and added my thoughts in relation to building an online business.

What’s Holding You Back?

  1. Choices:  “…the choice you make…makes you.” How many people do you know who have been blessed with so many talents and specialties, but they aren’t very successful? The choices we make with our talents are what help us become successful. What I’ve seen is you can chose every day to do things towards the success of your business. “Small success leads to Big Success!” is the Moller Marketing Mantra for a reason: it’s the little things that we do (or don’t do) everyday that ultimately lead to our success (or failure) with a new business.
  2. Shortcuts: THERE ARE NO REAL SHORTCUTS TO SUCCESS! Often times people don’t reach their potential because they have no idea how long the process will really take. There is a saying by Saadi that says,
    “Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”

    No matter what project or goal we have in our lives, we need to stop “microwaving” them. Instead, we need to “Crock-Pot” our ideas – let them simmer and soak. Shortcuts NEVER pay off in the long-run. I have learned that there are quicker ways to do things but it still takes work and planning to succeed in anything.
  3. Cost: Yes, success has a cost. You have to give up something for everything you gain. It could be time; it could be money; it could be a combination of both. But the bottom line is, we have to give up something very important to us to achieve something much more worthwhile. Fred Smith said the following:
    “Human nature tempts us to stay where we’re comfortable. We try to find a plateau, a resting place, where we have comfortable stress and adequate finances. Where we have comfortable associations with people, withouth intimidation of meeting new people and entering strange situations. Of course, all of us need to plateau for a time. We climb, and then we plateau for assimilation. But once we’ve assimilated what we’ve learned, we climb again…Many times, our challenges in life are not in understanding; they are in doing.”

    There’s a gap between knowing something and then DOING it. Our attitude affects our ability. What is success with your online business worth to you? Do you have a strong enough reason WHY you want/need to be successful?

  4. Problems: Problems have a way of holding us back. There is a difference between problem-spotting and problem-solving. Most people can EASILY spot a problem. Problem solving, on the other hand, comes from those who maximize their potential. A great habit to get in to is, when you spot a problem, before you tell someone about it and complain about why it just won’t work, come up with three suggestions for solving the problem. One of the solutions has to involve YOU! It’s amazing to see a person’s attitude change when they are held accountable for their own solutions.

Now What?

Well, one of the things I plan to do with this information is work hard to be a better problem SOLVER instead of a spotter. I plan to come up with three suggestions for solving a problem, one of which includes ME.

What do you plan to do with this information?

6 replies on “4 Main Reasons People Don’t Reach Their Potential”


very useful and insightful information, we oftentimes get in our own way and cannot see our way out. A problem is an “opportunity” in disguise, we cannot grow unless we step from that comfortable plateau and continue to climb the mountain that is our life and business. The goal is to get to the peak of the mountain and along the journey learn from the challenges and then relish in the accomplishment of reaching your goals.
Thank you for providing these vital steps as a reminder (to me) of my ascent and the obstacles that I need to face and overcome to reach the peak of my own mountain.

Hi Nate:

Great article! Awesome reminder. Lost sleep over this last night. Bottom line — I have a lot of “negativity” in my little life — what is neither here or there — the article reminded me of a comment made to me often by a very close friend — WHAT GOOD HAPPENED TODAY — NAME ONE POSITIVE THING THAT HAPPENED TODAY… I am unfortunately more negative and get even than get positive. Thanks for the gentle nudge and reminder… It is an article well written with the point well taken… I will overcome and I will make it and I will be at the top of the charts sooner than later! Thanks for being an inspiration and encouragement! I’m back to my A game and off the Z game…

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