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Using Paid WordPress Themes for Variety

I’ve been teaching a few clients how to use custom wordpress themes for their online businesses.

For this reason, I’ve temporarily changed the “look” of Moller Marketing to match the Halloween & Autumn colors.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to live in Utah right now?


photo from west light images

As a teaching tool, I wanted to show all Moller Marketing readers that yes, it is really easy to change the look of a Woo Theme.

Step by Step Guide on Changing WordPress Themes

Step 1: Purchase a Woo Theme and Download it to your Desktop.

Step 2: Upload the extracted file to your “Themes” folder using FTP (Filezilla is what I use).

Things you’ll need to know:

  1. Host.
  2. Your host username.
  3. Your host password.

Once you log in, you’ll first locate the new theme file on the left side of the screen.  (Don’t open the file, just locate it.)

Then, follow this path on the right side of the screen:

public_html > your site folder > wp-content > Drag new theme to the Themes Folder

Step 3: Once you have the Woo Theme uploaded, click on the Appearance Tab, then the Themes link in the side navigation of your wordpress blog.


It will look something like this:


You’ll need to select “Activate” for the new theme to work.

Step 4: Time to make adjustments to the color of your theme.

Depending on the theme you purchased, there should be options on changing the Theme Stylesheet. Pick the color you’d like to use. (I’m using the Flash News for one blog and the Busy Bee for the Moller Marketing Blog)


Step 5: Open your site in a new window, test it out, and start making sales 🙂

If you have any questions, please submit them in the comment section or in this form…

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6 replies on “Using Paid WordPress Themes for Variety”

We just got this question:

Nate, How do you make an awesome theme that makes alot of money really fast, I don’t want to do anything just change to the theme and make alot of money. Please help.


…LOL…well Pedro, for a fee of $100,000 I’m sure we can help you create a theme that will RAKE in the MONEY SUPER FAST. I mean really, a theme is what it’s all about…

If I would you I’d just not worry too much about content, products, information, or anything else really…

I’d hope you know by now that I’m being sarcastic. You can make money fast online in a few ways:

1. Have a great connection who you can tap in to quickly and share revenues
2. Start with an already established list of “buyers”
3. Get really lucky (although this is unlikely)

The bottom line is, making money online takes WORK, just like anything else worthwhile.

If you’re interested in investing $100K for a sweet, “get-rich-quick” theme, let us know 🙂

I use Lubith in order to design and change my WordPress themes, it’s a more flexible editor, really user-friendly and you can make the modifications a lot easier and faster. Plus it allows you more subtle changes to your theme, you work directly in the browser, you test/ download/ upload you new themes in no time.

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