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Social Media IS Business – Without It You DIE

I’ve felt this way since I started my first online business:

Without a social media marketing strategy, even the ‘big businesses’ will get taken out by the little guys who are doing their duty and connecting with their audience…

Gary Vaynerchuk, one of my “social media idols”, couldn’t sum it up any better:

Yep, that’s right:

“Social Media = Business”!

So many people think that social media is a tactic or a nuance, something you put in a bit of time for and then just check it off your list – BULL CRAP!

Many businesses think that Social media is a simple topping on the hot dog, a “mustard” at best.

But the bottom line is, social media is a business in and of itself. It’s something that, if you’re not doing, your competitors ARE!

Social media is customer service

caring about someone, being in the trenches and listening to the customer

most companies are full of crap; they want to sell stuff, they don’t want to care; they want to make pretend they care, they want to make pretend they work hard for the customer.

Social media translates to complete transparency…no more hiding in the shadows,

Social Media is going to expose businesses

(if it hasn’t already)

…the word of mouth of one is going to screw with corporate america and with businesses, the power of one consumer has never been bigger.

You have to engage and care about your customers – it’s the back-bone of a successful business.

If you’re in [whatever] business, you are in the social media business – in the business to actually CARE about your audience – to give them what they want, and most importantly not to TALK but to LISTEN.

So the question I have for all of you:

How are You Using Social Media Marketing to TAKE CARE of Your Clients?

7 replies on “Social Media IS Business – Without It You DIE”

Some really good points here but I also think it is very important to remember that social media alone is not going to save your entire business. I see some people spending 8 hours per day on social media without getting any tangible results. You need to marry it in with the rest of your strategy as effectively as possible but not let it consume you totally. Where I do see massive potential for it is in the customer service arena as you say. It can cut costs and is more direct and simple to use than anything out there.

Hey Niall!

Thanks for the comment. The “tangible results” can be seen in brand and reputation management, in increased fans and followers, and in “behind the scenes” link building that is created through viral marketing efforts – getting things passed all over the web and shared, book marked, etc. is a PERFECT example of a company that uses Social Media as one of their main sources of customer service.

Talk to you soon!


You can take care your clients through social media marketing by having a friendly website and easy to access. Making replies to their mails as soon as possible. And optimize your page so that they won’t be having a headache in searching.

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