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The Apprentice Finale – Who Won?

The finale was all I expected it to be (sort of): the first two firings were obvious – almost like the two candidates, Frank and Nicole, knew they were done even before it started. Frank and Nicoles’s video was terrible. They knew it, Mr. Trump knew it, we all knew it. The editing was awful – switching every 2 seconds made me sick. Frank seemed to be so nervous, stumbled over his words, and said some interesting things. His answers were extremely weak! James and Stefanie’s video was so much better – a theme, an idea, a great advertisement. I really liked Stefanie’s answer about hiring her and then she’ll hire James. Great answer!

The interesting point that Bianca made was that Stefanie wasn’t ever really a leader. She was always behind the scenes, never wanted to get fired, never stepped up as a project manager, never wanted to make mistakes or take a risk. Is that the kind of employee or business manager I’d want? The sexist comment about “keeping the frat boys under control” was pathetic. Kristine, making it a gender issue is completely unfair. Are you insecure about your male conterparts?

As I watched the final results, I really didn’t feel the best person for the job won. James took the lead, took the heat, and performed. Stefanie was always under the radar. Yes, she never got mentioned by any of the other participants. But is that really a positive thing or a very creative strategy?

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