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Why market locally?

One of the common quotes I share with clients is “Small Success leads to Big Success!” To be really good at anything takes time, effort, determination, and, bottom-line – HARD WORK! There’s no such thing as “something for nothing” or “get rich quick”. Granted, some may fall in to lots of money or inherit millions, but for most successful entrepreneurs, it took strategy, planning, trial and error, (especially the error), and time to make things grow and progress.

One of the things I’ve recently thought and read about is localized marketing. What does this mean? Why local when there is a huge “World Wide Web”?

WWW stands for the World Wide Web. However, if we are looking to build an effective internet presence, starting at the local level can be a great idea. Keep your eyes open for on and offline marketing opportunities; begin practicing localized marketing as soon as you can. Using keywords like city names, states and other related phrases within the content, meta tags and anywhere you can on your site will very easily bring your marketing down to a localized level and improve your ranking overall. A marketing strategy like this will prove longevity and success with your eCommerce business.This is such an important factor for brick and mortar businesses that have an internet presence. As we all know, or should know, if you don’t have an internet presence, you probably are maximizing all revenue building capabilities. In such a large corporate world, it seems like there’s only a few companies that own everything – Can you say ‘monopoly’? The best news is that the internet has given us an edge on cost effective business marketing; now, if done correctly, internet marketing can help local businesses stay afloat and potentially expand and progress.

What are your thoughts? What examples have you seen of localized marketing? Here are some I’ve seen: Blog | Utah Search Engine Optimization | SEO Tips | SEO Information – Door County Reviews | Family Vacation Destination – Surf & Maine Fishing | Fish Product Supply | Tackle | Information

More information will be coming so come back soon…

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You know, there is nothing more true than that. As a web-based business owner, I truly see localized marketing all the time in my industry. Take for example the following:
These two sites have localized marketing everywhere. Local companies that advertise at the heart of their customer base. They are racing related small companies, that advertise to racers on a local level, at a local race track. That is one of the best possible ways to get your name out fast, and effectively!

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